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New World Peace Anthem Announced – “If We Can Dream” World Peace ambassador Charles Dupois’ song “If We Can Dream” has been endorsed as the new global humanitarian anthem for 2009/2010, by the World Peace Association. To achieve a certificate as a World Peace Ambassador is a mark of distinction exclusively granted by the World Peace Association. Ambassadors for Peace are a global network of leaders representing the religious, racial and ethnic diversity of the human family, as well as all disciplines of human endeavour. They stand on the common ground of shared principles, committed to the path of promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace. “If We Can Dream” will mark the beginning of a movement that has not been seen since Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie collaborated with record producer Quincy Jones and some of the world’s most famous inspirational musicians, including Bob Dylan, Cindy Lauper, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder, to record the global hit ‘We Are The World,’ back in 1985. The “If We Can Dream” song will help to unite all cultures from across the world and play an important role in bringing people together. It is a song aimed at inspiring both those who are less fortunate, and those who are more privileged to want to strive for a united and peaceful future. If We Can Dream- Universal, the team behind the production of the song is responsible for not only establishing the song and exposing it internationally, but also are responsible for promoting peace and good will; a role that they are all extremely passionate about. The new global humanitarian anthem “If We Can Dream” music video can be downloaded for the sum of US $3.50, and can only be purchased at www.ifwecandream.com. A portion of the profits will be donated to the World Peace Association and a further four international charities which will be chosen by the general public, via an online poll. Those who download the music video ‘If We Can Dream’ will become an ambassador to this global cause. All participants will automatically receive a PDF Designed certificate in recognition of their contribution, endorsing them as an ambassador to this global humanitarian cause. Upon downloading "If We Can Dream" music video you will automatically become an Ambassador to our cause and have the opportunity to be one of 400 persons selected by our panel of judges to be flown to Prague, Europe, (accommodation and meals provided) to represent your country by featuring in the re-shoot of the worlds largest multi-cultural music video of our time in September 2010. The production team involved in the re-shoot will include some of the world’s most talented individuals within the music industry, including award winning record producer Peter Blyton, alongside the Prague Symphony Orchestra and one of Prague’s foremost international choirs. Superstar Gospel Singer Freda Mitchell has joined the team at If We Can Dream –Universal as the Official Celebrity Ambassador to the cause of World Peace. In joining this project, Freda hopes to “encourage others to follow in the footsteps of finding World Peace”. Through her award winning humanitarian efforts, Freda’s charismatic voice and ardent delivery has been described as “an explosion of high energy and emotion,” surely sent from Heaven. Freda will team up with World Peace Ambassador Charles Dupois to perform for US President Barack Obama on the back of his Nobel Peace Prize win, in early 2010. One of the songs being performed will include the global humanitarian anthem “If We Can Dream”. Freda and Charles are also writing a new song together, which will be completed in early 2010. The song, which is yet to be titled, will be produced by Aria Award Winning record producer Peter Blyton and is planned to be debuted to either President Obama, or on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010. If We Can Dream - Universal is offering U.S. High Schools and Universities the opportunity to participate in an additional exclusive competition in a spectacular worldwide event. The School and University with the most student downloads of the world peace anthem “If We Can Dream” will win a free charity concert and a trip for two students to a holiday destination within their country. While the team at If We Can Dream – Universal works hard to promote world peace, you can catch all the drama, triumphs and creativity of ‘The Dream Team’ in a new online TV show, that offers an inside look behind the scenes of what really goes into the production of an international music and film project. Follow the ‘The Dream Team’ as they work together on this global humanitarian campaign and experience what life in the music and publicity industry is really like, first hand. Each week two new episodes will air and offer an in-depth look into the creative processes that take place when developing a mass project such as this. There will be laughter, tears and everything in between, as ‘The Dream Team’ work toward their global cause of helping to achieve world peace. “If We Can Dream” is the new world peace anthem. To download the song or music video or for any further information, visit www.ifwecandream.com One World, One Dream, One Song, One Download. Casting for Global Ambassadors to the "If We Can Dream" cause. ‘If We Can Dream – Universal’ a music, film and television group, is looking for volunteer ambassadors to help promote our global cause, world peace. Correspondents will have the chance to feature in our own global online television show, aired two times per week. The show will cover our project’s progress. Additionally, correspondents will have the chance to represent their country, for our cause. For every person the ambassador refers to buy the “If We Can Dream” song, the ambassador is given a chance (electronic raffle ticket) to enter the competition to win a trip to Prague, for the re-shoot of the worlds largest multicultural music video clip. Details are on our website (http://www.ifwecandream.com/) If you would like to support our project and help to promote world peace, or simply like to know more, contact us on media@ifwecandream.com or visit our homepage http://www.ifwecandream.com/ Our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ifwecandream2010 Our Email: media@ifwecandream.com Our Website: http://www.ifwecandream.com/
World Peace. Worlds largest multicultural video shoo.

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