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Asia is a cradle of historic civilization, peaceful culture and respect for diversity. The history of Asia speaks volumes of tolerance, human struggles for freedom and justice, scientific inventions and exemplary stories of strong bondage of love amongst its inhabitants. Asia indeed inhabits one the largest human resource of the world. In view of the political and economic developments of the last few decades, it is pertinent that the historical bondage of people of Asia be revived to encounter onslaught of neo liberal economic agenda of dominating powers of the world outside Asia. The genesis of the Anjuman Asiaye Awam (AAA), formed in 2004 in Lahore, comes from Association of People’s of Asia under the able leadership of renowned Gandhian (late) Smt. Nirmala Desh pande. Anjuman Asiaye Awam enjoys the support of various peace, women and human rights, art and cultural and workers organisations and networks within and outside Pakistan. It has a large body of volunteer activists, intellectuals and academics informing the agenda of AAA.
Anjuman Asiaye Awam (AAA) Strives to foster: friendship and understanding amongst the peoples of Asia for peaceful and non violent world identify cultural, educational and voluntary organizations in Asia with similar objectives and to develop relationship with them organize conferences, seminars, workshops, peace marches, lectures and other ways of interaction amongst the people. promote and facilitate meaningful exchanges and interaction amongst social activist, intellectuals, professionals, artists, writers, women, youth, farmers, workers, and artisans of different countries of Asia. organize humanitarian help at the time of natural calamities and render needed services to the affected people. build and support people movements for nuclear disarmaments in the region Struggle for visa free South Asia Struggle for nuclear free south Asia united against poverty , injustice and illiteracy

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