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I am Quazi Baby, Executive Director of Participatory Development Action Program (PDAP), is an women activist as well as development worker in Bangladesh. I have established my own organization in 1994 which is working mainly women, girls and child development issues. am involved with different development activities, especially, non-government organizations in the field of women and Child rights, Environmental development, Reproductive health, Housing rights etc. I have association with national and international NGOs. I am a member of Coalition for the Urban Poor (CUP), Breaking the Silence (BTS), International Women Partnership (IWP), Land and Housing Rights Forum (LHRF), Disadvantaged Adolescent Working NGOs (DAWN), Huairou Commission and Association for Women International Development (AWID). I have received some international awards/scholarships- i.e. Honorary Doctorate award from Sapporo University, Japan (the issue was Forced slum eviction in Dhaka city : a Human rights issue for the Women”), attended as a Speaker in 2nd international Housing Forum (held in Philippine) and attended at CSW56 session which was Yvonne Hebert scholarship from UN Women, New York. In September 2013 I attended at ISF to show our solidarity to Iraqi people. In 2011 we organized some programme during SASF in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
My interest is to attend IC WSF, which will be held in Morocco.

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