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Dreamers are naturally inclined to being able to adapt easily to change. The dreamscape is in constant flux, controlled by and controlling focus and attention, and one must be able to sit lightly within the perceived space and rock gently with its ebb and flow. thoughtforms sweep the plains of dreamspace sometimes in scattered and chaotic eddies, sometimes building into conglomerates of force that threaten to lose the dreamer in a tide of new ideas, lost focus, scattered attention that may leave the world completely new, like a silent death and rebirth through the vail of unknown bardos. One thing can be certain in this life and any other. Change is always coming. Dreamers are those that can sit quietly on a calm sea and still look out to the future to see the approach of those waves of change. I am here to tell you that the wave of our lifetimes is almost upon us; so close now that this massive wall blots out the sky. Shall we ride into a new shore together?
I'm thinking of learning how to surf. I am a maker of masks, disguises, personalities, costumes, fronts, and facades. I am an illusionaire, but also a teller of truths. I enjoy discussing for the sake of knowledge gained, not answers arrived at. I used to ski but I left the mountain behind for now.

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