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Dan Baron
Belem, Brasil
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Dan Baron is a performance-based arts-educator and cultural activist, presently living and working in Brazil. Between 1981 and 1998, he developed cultural education projects in collaboration with post-industrial communities at risk in northern England and communities in conflict in the North of Ireland, Africa and South Wales. His past ten years of collaborations with landless, indigenous, trade-union and university communities in Brazil have led to the development of a pedagogy of 'transformance' and foundation of the 'Transformance Institute' which recovers community memory for social transformation and trains educators in universities and community organizations. The Institute is currently developing pilot projects with the military police of Bahia, special needs communities and solidarity economy cooperatives. Dan is President of the International Drama-Education Association (IDEA), Chair of the World Alliance for Arts Education, and member of the International Council of the World Social Forum.
community cultural action, pedagogy, international collaboration for local transformation

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