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Nasir Sajjad
Turbat Balochistan Pakistan
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I started my Career in 1998 in forming Makran Resource Center as a founder member. I worked as General Secretary Makran Resource Center & as Coordinator of Makran Coordinating Council.. On that platform I did participate in many nationwide campaigns as focal person. In 2002 I did join Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) as Coordinator Gender Resource Center. I did research , managed resource center, established Gender Network. I did participate in imparting Gender and Development Training to the stakeholders to make them educated regarding the concept of Gender and Development. In year 2004 I did join Makran Resource Center as Management Staff, I did remain on various position as communication and advocacy manager and as Team leader. I did gain experiences in advocacy working on emergency project, working with the farmers and artisans, working on the health projects. I did work there till December 2010. This time I am working as freelancer. As freelance I did participate in a social audit as team leader doing the social audit of adult literacy centers of ESRA Project in District Kech and in District Gwadar. Recently I did work as survey supervisor for UN Habitat Pakistan. Along with this I supported the NED University’s Consultants in making City Profile. As aptitude I did acquire skills in the sector responding emergencies, developing project proposals, understanding the systems of an organization, developing policy procedures, developing promotional and communication materials, designing and launch of awareness campaigns and imparting trainings to CBOs and NGOs. nnI would like to carry out my service as freelancer in the sector of Project Planning and Development, M&E, doing Qualitative Research, working as team player in the large research project, Designing Project Proposals, Developing Policy , Reviewing and remaking Organizational policy, Imparting training. I am interested to work as volunteer for WSF either online or offline .
Project Proposal Development , Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Orientation, Events Planning , events Management, Qualitative Research , Report Writing. Mateial Develop ment, Website updating etc.

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