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Ok so, after speaking with several of you, it seems like:
- I will register an organisation with a name clearly distinguished from any occupy/15m thing (something like "initiative for the participation of individuals in forums"), and I'll propose 3 activities (as the deadline is 1st December which for me means 29th Nov as I am off for the weekend and the meeting in Mumble is not until 30th Nov).
- In the "agglutination" process, as described in the web of the WSF, I understand we can change completely our proposal if we wish to do it and we will have time to do it until the 1st of February, but before we have to have something to agglutinate. So consider the proposal I register just like an initial proposal. Then we can change it completely or even not do it.
- If later on we decide we dont do it, it is ok to rennounce, but if we dont try now we can't complain later. But to renounce we need some more reason than I think it is difficult, its going to rain or "but how are we going to do this and that". I distrust now anyone who tries to convince not to do assemblies.
This is one source of some info:
About the assemblies I will put in my proposal (which I insist can change completely in the agglutination process):
I've spoken with some of you about proposing a chain of activities of assembly type. As in Florence we just had time in the assembly to get to know each other, my idea was to try to do 2/3 assembleary processes, also as registering an organization allows you to propose 3 activities.
In the first assembly, produce a "naive" space where we do more or less repeat the topics of the one in Florence, by searching for people to know each other and start to make contact by questions like:
- "what future do you want to build?"
- "how are we going to work to build it?"
- "what experience should we learn from for that?"
Recommend all groups deal with all questions.
In the second, maybe "working groups", that is propose to separate by topics but not by "theme axis" (debt, democracy,...) but rather a few proposed debates like:
group1: - "what can be improved in this WSF? - how can we improve the next WSF?"
group2: - "how can my fight link with fights like yours? - who does what you do in my area? - what resources can we share?"
group3: - "how can we mix the local and global levels of our fights? - how are we going to extend the process of WSF locally?"
group4: - "do we want to support any proposal for where, when and how to have the next meeting / WSF / calendar date? shall we take a message/process like these assemblies to any other forum?"
group5: - "what problems of organization do we have as movements? how do we deal with them?"
Perhaps a third assembly, proposing in the previous assemblies for people to come up with topics to deal with in the third assembly. Make it a convergence space for all the others.
Now about the crowdfunding, I've thought that the people that we need to priorize on the list of funding are:
- People that provide streaming and bambuser and stuff like this with professional means. I've told Khrystian and hopefully he will get funding from somewhere else but maybe he recommends me more people from his collective or similar ones. If anyone proposes people of this profile, cool.
- People who speak arab and english fluently, even more if they know people in Tunisian social movements. I don't know personally of anyone in social movements with this profile.
- General people who want to participate but are not going to do it because of money issues.
Conditions for elligibility: not having any organization behind, accepting, anything else?
Who to ask for money: Foundations? The organization of the WSF? Generally everyone? Any restrictions? Only things I've thought so far on this are: probably the WSF organization wants to join and also there is a foundation that I was looking at for other stuff i want to do in the future (by the way, it is about online free and universal university education on democracy) and I found this foundation: www.isvarafoundation.org
Would anyone have any problem with applying for funding from this organization in particular? Between their 6 objectives I see 2 that would sort of match my aims with all this: "replacing excessive corporate (political) power with genuine democratization on all levels of society" and "promoting people-centred alternatives to neoliberal policies".
What do you guys think?
I put in copy everyone that showed some interest so far or that I think will eventually do so. Are we all in the list of occupy and wsf? I'll send another copy of this message to that list to protect identities, sorry about duplication of mail. Also, I am missing Mariano from Occupy Austin, in the list of names because i only have his Facebook.
So I will wait on comments about what to register until Thursday the 29th at 5pm, Barcelona's time (London's 4pm, NY 11am, Austin's 10am, Berlin's / Amsterdam's / Nijmegen's / Madrid's / Den Hague's) which is the last moment when I can do it. Then I'll do it. Then we will change it completely after the Mumble meeting on Friday 30th for which I dont have the details but that I will not be able to attend, and that is why I wrote this email to encourage for you people to have as much info as possible.

Thanks to all


group page in wsf website is here and the activities are here


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