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    from daniseco on Dec 19, 2012 11:18 AM
    Apart from Mariangela's, there is also, the first proposal that I wrote, which I registered in the forum not for it to be the final description but to have something registered. In the convergence process we can change anything of it.
    This proposal was also based in three different assemblies. See them in here:
    About Mariangela's proposals:
    Of course I would like to help impulsing a Barcelona local participation with contact with the rest of Spain. In fact, I have been talking with a colleague I know from the Catalan Social Forum 2012, and he proposed to do "hundreds of assemblies in Barcelona to extend the forum". Like organizing events in bars, to follow streaming of our activities in Tunis or organizing debates in parallel with the same structure that we do, in each neighbourhood assembly. What do you people think of this? 
    Content of the assemblies:
    I think the first assembly should be a first contact, and it is good to start by presenting the topic that you mention, but then after a while we could divide by "talk to a few people near you and discuss this few general questions like what kind of world do you want and how are we going to work to build it".
    I personally like more to not give a central topic to the second assembly but rather keep it open to divide in some topics. So for instance, I think commons are important but not everybody wants to join a debate about commons. Lets make a presentation of the topic in 5 minutes in general assembly and present other 5 or 6 topics (like "how to improve social forums"...) and then divide in working groups to study each topic.
    Same thing for the third as for the second. And give it a more "lets try to converge in some sense with the conclussions from all the debates" taste.
    1. Assemblies
    First assembly: Concrete expieriences and alternatives built in different spaces and assemblies in 15M/Occupy/Social horizontal and assembleary movements
    Second assembly: retaking commons (earth, water, services, .....)
    Third assembly: strategies of impowerment of social struggles facinh oppression and repression of the system
    2. local eventWe are also interested in organizing one local event in Spain in connection with the WSF in Tunis but as we are a small group we think it would be better to organize it at spanish level with help from Barcelona and other squares