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  • Re: Methodology: Proposal for these days until next meeting

    from Olya Azatyan on Dec 19, 2012 07:17 PM
    Guys! Who is coordinating the groups?
    I would like to be in a couple of groups, if possible.
    1. statement
    2. activities
    3. extension
    also let's let up a mechanism how these sub-groups exchange info
    have a great day!
    On 19 December 2012 03:22, Daniel Seco <dsf_cm@...> wrote:
    >  (I wrote this in ENGLISH, can someone translate into french?)
    > Hello everybody,
    > Some of us have thought that, for the time being, we may use this list to
    > communicate about the actions to organize around the WSF.
    > To write an email to this list, just send a normal email to:
    > 2011movements-fsm-wsf-discussion@...
    > You can add regular attachments to emails, but you should be aware that
    > there is over a 100 people on the list so we invite everyone to participate
    > but selfmoderate on the use of the list.
    > If you don't wish to continue in the list, you can unsubscribe, by sending
    > an email with subject "unsubscribe" to
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    > The meeting of today has just finished. Here are the minutes, please check
    > any possible errors:
    > http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSF3
    > We didn't have time to deal with points 4-9, so I proposed to work on
    > these topics on this list (see below).
    > Also, this is the continuation of a series of meetings in Mumble. You can
    > read the minutes of those meetings at:
    > http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSF
    > http://titanpad.com/agora99firezneWSF2
    > If you dont know what is Mumble or how to use Mumble ask us about it and
    > we'll be happy to help.
    > The next meeting will be held in Mumble on the 3rd of January of 2013.
    > Details about this meeting will be sent shortly.
    > My proposal is to use this list to deal with all topics (dealt or not
    > with), during these 2 weeks until the 3rd of Jan. And to use the title's
    > first word to make clear which big topic do we want to adress in a given
    > email.
    > Let us think for the time being that we are forming groups to work on each
    > topic but all of us are using the same list to communicate, just for a
    > start, and anyone is in whatever groups she wants. When we have a bit
    > clearer the process we will try to define this better.
    > Write in the subject which one of the topics you refer to and so we can
    > avoid undesired email. It does not matter if we dont keep a constant list
    > of topics, but it is important that we limit the number of emails each one
    > needs to read by a correct labelling.The list of topics could start with:
    > - "*Current situation*" (what's happening in the WSF organization? what
    > are our assemblies thinking about the context?)
    > - "*Web*" (blog, web, communication tools, distribution list issues)
    > - "*Name*" (we are working on a name that defines well the group, please
    > read the minutes to observe the discussion)
    > - "*Statement*" (should we write a message to transmit to the
    > participants of the Forum? manifesto? communication material of any other
    > kind? how to define the objectives of our group?)
    > - "*Activities*" (assemblies in the streets, caravans, other activities)
    > - "*Extension*" (how to make people participate in activities from afar,
    > or organize their own activities at the same time to be included in our
    > process? streaming, bambuser,...)
    > - "*Translation*" (how to deal with language issues before during and
    > after the forum? who can help us with the ongoing translation arab-english,
    > and others?)
    > - "*Involvement of other groups*" (how to make others join? communication
    > and difussion strategy and materials, contact with local Tunisian groups)
    > - "*Finance and Infrastructures*" (do we want to crowdfund something
    > together? do we need any finance? what for? how to manage it? what
    > infrastructures do we need to guarantee the process? how can we obtain
    > sound systems? shall we camp? where? is there water? electricity? will it
    > cost money?)
    > - "*Methodology*" (are we breaking the horizontality or transparency or
    > openness of the process? are we missing its point? any other methodological
    > error?)
    > - "*Other topics within the WSF*"
    > - "*Off topic*" (non related anouncements or other comments)
    > We could start by anouncing in which groups do we want to work or
    > something like that? Or with a proposal? Or reflexion?
    > It is great working with you people, see you soon!
    > Daniel Seco
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