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  • Activities: proposal for an 'occupied newspaper' on the occasion of the WSF

    from Jasper on Dec 20, 2012 12:34 AM
    Hi all,
    I'm preparing a message to the printed newspapers from our movement, 
    hoping that some of their contributors are interested to create a global 
    collective print publication during the WSF. I also hope this can be 
    part of a broader program of 'media & communication' skill sharing, 
    including daily livestream shows, mumble workshops, etc.
    I would like to send out this proposal pretty soon (because of the 
    deadline). Let me know what you think, feel free to edit and in case you 
    want to help to make this happen, consider signing the message with your 
    name. Please use the pad, especially for short replies, it helps to keep 
    our mailinglist readable: http://titanpad.com/globaloccupiednewspaperWSF
    grts jasper
    *Subject*: A global 'occupied newspaper' on the occasion of the World 
    Social Forum?
    *To*: The occupied Times of London, Occupy Wall Street Journal, 
    Periodico 15M Madrid, The Boston Occupier, Occupied Oakland Tribune, 
    Indig-nación [add your suggestions!]
    /Please forward to anyone you think might be interested!/
    Dear all,
    As some of you may already know, from 26-30 march 2013 the World Social 
    Forum (WSF) takes place in Tunis, Tunisia. Since 2001 the WSF is held as 
    a global gathering of social movements and civil society organisations. 
    A diverse group of individuals involved in 
    Occupy/Indignados/MapleSpring/... and related movements started a 
    process to mobilize towards the WSF. Now we are in direct contact with 
    our friends in Tunisia and we are working together to organize 
    activities in and around the WSF, to meet and learn from each others 
    Although many of us are critical towards the official organisation of 
    the WSF, our initiative is not intended to fight the WSF. Instead we 
    want to fight for another world. 'Occupy the WSF' is just a working 
    title for our project, aiming to create an open space for everyone who 
    wants to explore and experience the possibilities of another world.
    With my imagination running free, I would like to share some thoughts. 
    How great would it be to have some kind of independent printed 
    'conference newspaper' coming from the new movements, being the 
    collective work of many 'occupied newspapers' around the world? I think 
    it offers many good options:
    - Bringing stories from our movements to the WSF.
    - Bringing stories from the WSF, Tunisia and the region to the world 
    (online version)
    - Serving as a platform to present the program of the 'Occupy the WSF' 
    - Working together with an international group of 'occupied newspaper' 
    - Sharing experiences with people from other social movement media 
    projects, new and old.
    - Meeting with many other interesting people with stories to be written 
    in the future.
    Of course, there would be many challenges, such as (funding for) 
    printing, the use of multiple languages, etc. and there is limited time.
    But if we could reach a good level of enthusiasm and come to a simple 
    and workable format of such a newspaper edition, it's surely worth the 
    effort. I would like to help with the practical work, both online and in 
    Tunisia on the ground.
    It would be great if some of the people from different 'Occupied 
    newspapers' are able to attend the WSF itself, although this is not 
    strictly necessary to make this proposal work.
    First of all, I would like to find out what you think about it. I will 
    gather all your input and hope to come back to you soon with a more 
    detailed proposal based on your reponses. Also, if  you have any 
    question about the WSF or the 'Occupy the WSF' initiative, please 
    contact me.
    Jasper Teunissen, the Netherlands