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Online space where WSF 2013 participants can be found  going or not going to Tunis,  organize

Tunis  activities or activities outside Tunis, preparing links with tunis

see documentation and previous experiences of extension: http://openfsm.net/projects/on-tunis-extension

Contact: contact.tunes at gmail.com skype: contact.tunes

    •   50 organizations from asia can develop  combinedparticipation: activites in tunis and local activities in asia
    • Develop links with Tunis:  tele encounters with your delegates in tunis, activity of teleparticipation in activities taking place in tunis and enlarged on the internet
    • Develop relationships with some of the 340 organizations listed in tunisia - tunis or in other cities of Tunisia or in other countries 
  • 15 local activities announced in Tunisia and one in Egypt  plus those soon initiated by your organization!: http://www.fsm2013.org/en/node/1432  to help you:  english speaking  support  group  to support activities outside Tunis Contact: contact.tunes at gmail.com
  • Subscribe on the list of participants in Asia -

    This mailing list is moderated and can be used among participants who wish to develop information and organize local activities: e-mail list includes persons related to the organizations listed above that are registered on the site in December 22

    Circulate the following link  in the messages to your networks:  http://openfsm.net/projects/asian-discussion-forum/asianwsf-wsf2013-extension

    Who is on the list?


  • IMAGINE THIS SAME DRAWING WITH MAP OF ASIA  ..... and your local activity and linking activity are on this map