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This is a discussion forum for civil society organisations in Asia that participated in the World social forum since 2009

Organisations from Australia,  China, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Newzealand, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand,  i- asia and oceania  and from South Asia have been invited to participate on this page. You are welcome to invite more participants!

Use this space to share your experiences from WSF 2009, 2011 2013  2015 and now heading for Montréal 2016

Extension FSM2015WSF


 2013 edition of WSF has been extended which gave possibility to announce LOCAL activities in asian countries and  linking activities between those local activities and those held in Tunis  , such as tele encounters and tele participations - more info here

see the memories of tunis extension Memo Tunex, 

Once you join this space you can post information about your organization’s activities (just click Edit in the top right corner). You can invite more persons and organizations and manage email lists. These pages can be used to facilitate intercommunication between organizations. Good luck!


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belem 2009                                                                                                  Dakar 2011  Welcome&Info space WSF Extended


 SASF Bangladesh Extended, Dhaka 2011 IC Extended,

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Monastir 2012  IC Extended,

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Memo TunexTunis 2013   IC Extended,