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A 5 step narrative about extension before the event

1/ Let us consider the case of an organization, alone or with others,  that  is preparing a workshop in WSIS next June 2017, the objective of which is "presentation-promotion of ISF process" as a starting case

The more such meetings the better, provided we as active participants in ISF process get to enough commonality in the way ISF is viewed and described, as social forum process and events. 

And  as by June 2017, we should have progressed in establishing a somehow common vocabulary describing ISF process and upcoming event, meeting this condition it is not a big concern.


After this registration is done and  long before the meeting takes place in Geneva,

2/ The organization could be "politically" "placing", this meeting in an ongoing "ISF process", through a statement included in its description.


"Our organization is considering itself a participant instance in the ISF process, part of the world social forum process, and  proposes this meeting/ workshop etc as a an activity in this process, accessible to remote participation on line"

That “ISF process”, could be started formally, earlier in 2017, through a decision with a written document inviting to participation, crafted and approved in a way similar to how ISF Concept paper has been recently drafted.  " How and why ISF process is an extended process"


and, following the political placing statment ,

3/ The organization could make sure that participation in this meeting is technically accessible, through internet, to remote ISF participants away from Geneva, i.e. "we" on the current participant list, progressively growing, This makes possible an enlargement of its public/audience /participants

The organization could circulate an invitation to participate remotely and secure the corresponding means .  

Participation could be through a low tech and inclusive scheme, able to accommodate  up tohundreds of participants, and not intrusive /heavy/constraining for those moderating/organizing the meeting/workshop in Geneva, as follows :

Some people from your organization could be assigned as "linking persons", greeting those remote participants, having received the invitation and coming in a chat room opened in advance, before WSIS date

During the meeting time, remote participants could be commenting in this chat room a live video from Geneva, and making written inputs that the linking persons would convey verbally in the physical room in Geneva, and receiving response through the video.


Following  the invitation in 3/,

4/ "We" participants, could, in turn, forward this invitation to other "ISF-minded" people /organizations whom we know, internet and social justice activists alike, and invite them to remotely participate in "your" activity, in the way described in 3/. 

Hopefully, by the end of this meeting, and with some subsequent interactions in the chat room associated to your meeting, with linking persons and with “us”, the other remote participants, our invitees might be willing to consider themselves also participants in the promoted ISF process 


In the wake of this meeting and similar ones,

5/ Practice of placing meetings into ISF process, in a decentralized way incurring no supplementary costs for their organizers, and enlarging them on the internet,  could be inspiring to other ISF participant organizations. 

It could stimulate them to also "feed the ISF process", and  prepare and place other such meetings,  planned somewhere on the planet, in this common "ISF process" frame.

These meetings, beyond being a good occasion to promote ISF, could be, first and foremost, by their content,  "ISF decentralized/local activities", i-e occasions of dialoguing, interacting, and strategizing between ISF process participants, participating in proximity or remotely in those, on issues that are the in thematic scope of ISF, sketched in the recently released Concept paper.

This mesh of interactions spanning over time and space, in part oriented toward transformative actions,  would be a good collaborative concretization of what ISF process may be. 


Comments are welcome about this "5 step narrative" of an "ISF process formally started before ISF event",

This narrative has been told starting from step 1 : Richard announcement of an "ISF promotion activity inside WSIS event next June.

Pierre - Caritas volunteer about WSF process and IC