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Current website : http://internetsocialforum.net/

ISF Event "participation" website in a thematic social forum on internet  could be a point of special care,

trying to have a tool that embodies and conveys  the concept and  methodology of the event , adapting according to the sophistication at hand 

Some links about social forum event website functionnalities can be found here

  •  wsf2015  http://registration.fsm2015.org website is a good example of event site, even if not taken yet  to its full development
  •  Annex on wsf2015 concept note on website  Hammamet IC meeting november 14 making some further development recomendations 

    some fantasy  figures  expressing vividness of a potential ISF  

      ISF edition 1   held 1Q2016 ( imaginary figures) :

      participation and documentation  

        5000 individuals,  from  1000   organisations   present in the webiste

      proposing    300   Activities  receiving 16000 tokens of interest 

      >> out of which   160  documented by their organizers to date

       extension build up  

      ,  100  centric activities at time of event, 150  local, 50 before event , 50 during,  50 after,

       and  50  connected (bi-location or more, mainly during event)

      out of which   200 enlarged on internet,  and   50participants in ISF cafes

       convergence  dynamics  

        100 activities proposed by one organisation  100 activities with 2 coorganizers and  100 with more than 2 

       >>   10   convergences assemblies, gathering  30%   of the participating organizations,  

      >> >> out of which   7  documented by their organizers to date

      initiative dynamics  

      >>   200 initiatives declared in relation to  140  activities and 8  convergences

       receiving 10000 token of interest by  4000   individuals and  600   organizations  registered in the site  

      atsfi eventwebsite map2016

  some ideas made reality in  http://fsm2016.org