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Some notes taken in the ISF facilitating committee building meeting on march 27th evening in a Tunis cafe / this is not a report - it maybe developped in a etherpad type document

  • Relevancy of a Manifesto ? ISF, as a social forum is a space , some manifesto initiative can emerge in that space and gather much support , but is not a preliminary condition - -
  • However, the call to organize and participate in ISF can of course include some elements of political content, which are not necessarily shared by those who come answering this invitation, the basic reference for a thematic social forum such as ISF being the WSF charter of principles
  • There is agreement to have an ISF in basic social forum form, Who we want to be there? We do need a people workplan
  • IETF RFC request for comments /backdoors How do you/ we talk with institutions?
  • A social forum is about Bringing in new activists, Building connections, Sharing Experience
  • Who we bring in ? Bring Turkish organizers , bring in Chaos computer club 8000 people summer camp ,Techies who want political direction
  • After Snowden revelations, Tim Berners Lee, moderate and upset, Big Computer firm employees upset , Deep strike Snowden made listing out, as a single individual
  • Internet SOCIAL forum , let us put the social in the center
  • ISF not to be a WSF for techies, Techies are interested in politics, let us avoid excessive division techies / non techies
  • Facilitate a marriage between tech activists and social activists which was not achieved in WSF
  • How Digital natives feel In a world that is not free but private
  • How important the movements / the women think Internet issues it is? We need Gender parity, huge diversity, age diversity in the forum, Involve everyone
  • Make it easy to participate in ISF
  • Building ISF is building power ISF would Add value to the work we are doing , Political identity what is ISF purpose ?Call for ISF including some elements .. Society / technology / power, Common defying of humanity
  • 3 / 4 organizations organizing with a geographical reach, But the fact that you put in more time does not mean you get more rights to influence the process
  • As southerners, Sick and tired to be told what to do / North south divide, Southern activists making more sacrifice and taking more risks
  • Start an ad hoc committee list Take away from the meeting 2 months to get the ISF frame standing, 6 to 8 months to have the event  there is a time window of opportunity