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Contributions to Africa WSF promotion webinars

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Contributions to webinar1 

 A CONTRIBUTION FROM JENNIPHER  ( transcript from audio format)   
This is Jennifer calling from Zambia, my organization is Pasongo women club in the zamsof process https://join.wsforum.net/organizations/11726

I have adopted one critical issue that affects the world and this is the issue of climate. We have a very big challenge with our Climate change . it been felt all over the all over the world in the form  heat waves.  I can give an example : in 2016 in Zambia was recorded as the hottest year we ever experienced. So the unpredictable with a pattern of result,  has resulted in terrible dysfunctional likelihood which results to forced emigration and ovecrowded. The  impact of climate change has most affected the poor people, especially in southern Africa countries, the most socially and economically vulnerable people over our society 

So  I was considering that if we participate in the world social forum, we can come up with ideas on how best we can help our Communities or our countries to reduce, to train our people from the community.

 For example in Zambia, while we are affected with the climate change, one example is there is too much of cutting of the trees, for charcoal burning as a  result of climate change. When we talk about  the issue of migration  in 2016 in Southern province, there were no rains the all of 2016 so people from Southern provinces had to emigrate from southern provinces to  northern provinces, just for them to have food and migrated together with  their animal cattle goats and so forth 

So we are looking forward when we meet or physical  or virtually in our world social forum Maybe if we can engage the donors who can come in, and  train our people on the issue of agroecology and food sovereignty, instead of using too much chemicals better they can use organic manure  thank you I raised my case


Jennipher has taken the floor in the webinar see  webinar info   video link  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=748083026160772 1.20.00  @12 Jennifer  from zambia---// 1.22.25