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0/ A background text EN ES giving some formal views about social forum process



Here a frame of layers and phases – we are now in wsfet and wsf mex in the left of the diagram (but with some more time on the Mexican process of course) http://openfsm.net/projects/gti-and-wsf/gtiandwsf-input7-formal-view-wsf/#1A



1/ online encounter phase explored in mexico





2/ Comparing the Mexican and Barcelonan situation

Mexico - no website still -just an online space http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/  11 o 14 months to the event 
Barcelona  - a website based on decidim  https://forum.transformadora.org/ 7 months to the event

  • These early on line encounters in Mexican context can be formally compared to WSFET  “confluences”.
  • Decidim is providing “ assemblies containers” for each declared “confluence”   This of course is a better environment for the “slow and official” written communication  than the simple page edition feature for each  persons responsible for  encounter  provided in “autodoc” for mexico  http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20autodoc/project-home
  • However Decidim is seemingly  (like  montreal  and salvador websites  not friendly for quick and informal communication. that is better done nowadays in social networks.
    • Will there be some features to articulate/ standardize the spontaneous whatsapp and telegram groups created by participants to compensate for this lack of user friendliness of assemblies ? or will this be left to each group ?
    • how to make possible for new people to get easily in any group ? ( as for me getting in the virtual forum commission has been done through my knowing some of its members)



3/ About participation acts in a second phase of the pyramid diagram  ( see point 0)

  • That is closer to the program building  phase  http://openfsm.net/projects/metodologia/input-commenting-on-two-diagrams-about-wsf-process-en/#5 ( there are specific acts of participation related to articulation of declared activities and initiatives

  • How will “activities” and “initiatives” – including “agenda initiatives”  be implemented in  WSFET ? how will the getting together be shown (  i-e  this activity is proposed by  x  y  z   organizations – this initiative is promoted by this list of organizations  (see  

    • There is an “initiative” menu installed in decidim  - there is no activity menu
    • You can take a look at the simple WSFET kiosk proposal  with online forms  http://openfsm.net/projects/qfsmet-lac1/project-home  with online formats  -Note:  the format of “online encounter” is not included there only  personal  participation  entities   activities and initiatives

    • the word  " assembly"  is in semantic conflict with "space" 
  • How will “online participation” be taken care of  during the event?



4/ How will be the macro pogrammation of WSFET event?  (that is a methodology comission question)

Here some ideas about macro programation of WSF event http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo58/#macroprogrmaciones (2 charts)




set of tools for wsfte