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The WSF today is on its way to the WSF Mexico 2021 and is in a moment of rethinking, renewing and recreating in the light of global challenges. The FSMET to be held in Barcelona from June 25 to 28, 2020 It is proposed as a meeting place, exchange of experiences, public debate and confluence to strengthen the transformative potential of the other economies   that resist capitalism, neoliberalism, patriarchy, racism, anthropocentrism and the rest of interrelated structures of oppression of our current system. The challenge is posed to go towards joint actions included in a Strategic Agenda, and to offer the world guidelines for assuming practices and visions of economies for life, reflected in a diversity of concrete initiatives with their goals, tasks and more specific actions.

Responding to this challenge will be the guiding thread of the diversity of activities of a program that is built collectively and seeks to achieve concrete results. At the heart of this process are organizations, movements, networks, campaigns, groups, entities and people involved in efforts and searches of economies that place the sustainability of life in the center, which are based on working with just and supportive relationships. , that take care of people and the environment, that maintain knowledge and increase them as a common good, that have opened paths of action, movement and thought towards another economic system.

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Welcome to the FSMET registration space, we are happy to announce that registration is now open to participate in the FSMET:


Here it will be possible to register both people and organizations as well as activities and initiatives that will be part of the path towards the event and the Forum program. We invite you to read these brief instructions carefully before entering the respective forms.

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The FSMET welcomes all those organizations committed to the active search for an economic system oriented towards the sustainability of life, which leaves behind the predation, exploitation, extractivism, injustices and inequalities of capitalism and neoliberalism. All organizational forms that share this commitment are convened: from global networks to associations and local groups, from ancestral or urban communes to academic or public institutions interested in the common good.

Organizations that register can participate in the construction of the FSMET program by registering activities, integrating activities registered by others, or joining the spaces for debate, confluence and thematic exchanges online. They can also simply meet in Barcelona to share their experiences and proposals under the Program, and be part of the future initiatives that will emerge from the Forum.

Expanding our mutual knowledge and enhancing the possibilities of exchange and articulation is one of the objectives of this process. That is why it is important that in this registry of organizations we offer substantive information about trajectories, ongoing activities and future lines. This will allow us to arrive in Barcelona with useful elements in the face of a great common challenge: to consolidate and multiply articulations, initiatives, shared agendas, to take a leap from the sector dynamics towards more integral ones, with keys of systemic scope to transform the economy.

Registration of activities>> join transformadora.org (@ mockup ) (create account ... > an orga am responsible for ... )> PROPOSE ACTIVITY

The activities registered by the organizations that respond to the call constitute the axis of the FSMET Program. The initial proposals will be enriched along the way, either by confluence between previously registered activities, or by integration of organizations or other possible modifications. The most important thing is that they foster spaces for mutual learning, exchange and collaboration.


These are the various organizational forms that are part of the broad field of transformative economies, including networks, associations, cooperatives, campaigns, groups, groups and entities of public and social profile.


All registered activities must be framed in the Charter of Principles of the World Social Forum (link to Charter) and will be self-managed. From the initial approach, as stated in the form, adjustments will be made as appropriate as part of the program construction process, in dialogue with the coordinating bodies of the Forum. One of the aspects to consider together will be the schedules and the availability of physical spaces.

Activities can be registered in the most diverse formats (workshops, seminars, panels, assemblies, training and exhibition spaces for experiences and debates, micro talks and a long etc.), but taking into account some conditions: ensure mechanisms for participation and debate , seek gender, generations, territorial and relevant balances, stimulate the exchange of knowledge and generate elements of the common agenda in the future.

We would like to make the most of this meeting opportunity to go further in

a common approach to economic transformation and its paths. That is why we encourage to imagine activities that connect the experiences and visions that are part of the environments of social and solidarity economy, feminist economy, agroecology, common goods and all those that coincide in similar searches, in the active criticism of capitalism and the construction of alternatives.

While the FSMET Program is a collective construction, the activities registered

they will reach a final version as a result of the exchanges produced at this stage, both with the organizing instances of the forum and with other proposed activities; logistic and definitive calendar issues will also be defined

Registration of initiatives

> join transformadora.org   (@ mockup ) (create account ... > an orga am responsible for ... )> PRESENT INITIATIVE

The WSF has been defined since its inception as “an open meeting space to: intensify reflection, conduct a democratic debate of ideas, develop proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions by entities and movements of civil society that oppose neoliberalism and world domination by capital or by any form of imperialism and, also, committed to building a planetary society oriented towards a fruitful relationship between human beings and these with the Earth ” (WSF Charter of Principles).

In the FSMET, these transformative actions that put life at the center are understood as 'transformative initiatives (of) in the medium term', that is, the struggles, campaigns, projects, policies and practices that shape the search for transformative economies, in the most broad sense.


The FSMET will be a space to know and articulate these multiple 'initiatives' in progress, whether long-distance or of more recent existence. For this, we invite the participating organizations, networks and entities to REGISTER the medium-term actions that they carry out, either by themselves or in alliances. DESCRIBE these initiatives, including the PUBLIC ACTIONS contemplated in the future with their DATES, will allow their visibility and open possibilities for new approaches and alliances.


Registered initiatives (and described) will form an ONLINE DIRECTORY, which can be consulted and updated. This directory will be a tool for mutual knowledge and articulation, as well as a reference for self-managed activities that will be part of the Forum Program, which will be considered taking into account the context of initiatives of which they are part, in turn antecedent key to the possible convergences or articulations that will arise in the collective construction of the Program.

A good proportion of self-organized activities that will be part of the Forum program, may thus take some initiatives as an object of discussion in order to evaluate, plan, articulate them

The descriptions of initiatives will be made visible in a permanent “INTER-INITIATIVES” SPACE open online and then physically in the FSMET event, where participants will be able to make contacts with their promoters in order to seek information, express SUPPORT in their dates-public actions, invite them to discuss the articulation with other initiatives or propose to SUMARME as co-promoters, etc.

Based on the information recorded and updated on initiatives with their action-dates, an FSMET 2020 INITIATIVES CALENDAR, available and widely disseminated from the Forum website, may also be available.