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Extension of PSF workshop 60 on palestine refugees

from fsmwsfextension canada on Aug 03, 2014 12:29 AM

Hello Peter

Thank you for your kind message below .

We understand from your message that you are willing to extend workshop 60
visible here
 60 <peter.larson@...>
http://www.nccar.ca After 65 years, why are there still Palestinian
refugees? National Council on Canada Arab Relations (NCCAR) Over 5 million
Palestinians (12 of the total population) are refugees. Their living
conditions are terrible. We will look at: Where are the refugees? What is
UNRWA? Why are there still refugees? Why can't they return? Why don't the
Arab countries absorb them? Why should they be treated differently from
other refugees? Two Canadian Palestinian refugees will be resource people. 10.
International Bilingual presentation and discussion August 22ndMorning /
Matin 90 So

1 - *We have placed workshop 60  in the list here*
you are the first one announcing extension of your workshop
Welcome in PSF extensionners list  ( you are the first one there too)

2 *- We are pleased to give you further technical indications* here, and
hope that you can quickly find two video and chat  volunteers in your
organisation  to help you extend your workshop ( or receive proposal of
support from  extension volunteers on the list )

Let us know if they are clear enough ( we assume under the control of other
people in this list, that  ottawa univesrity wifi  is powerful enough to
provide livestream connectivity  and support access to  skype  )

*You are the one that will organize the livestreaming, and build this team
of 3  *( video volunteer chat volunteer and you)  for extending your
workshop and we trust the above link gives many practical guidance and
technical indications ,

3 - in parallel to this technical preparation for which you have  the
necessary time  it is very important to* start early communicating in your
networks about extension of your PSF workshop* , inviting to make contact
with a public mail and your public skype .  We suggest that you  create
account "nccar.extension"

Some people receiving this invitation  might want to make early contact
with this skype, or contact you by email  showing you they are willing to
remotely participate during PSF days , which should motivate your
preparation in point 2

4 - We recommend that you fill the extending my workshop form here a first
time here
and then update it  as you move forward which will give further information
about your preparation progress

Upon request will try to give indications and contacts inasmuch possible
and relevant

Welcome in the collective experience of extending social forums !

Sylvie and Pierre
group.fsmwsfextension.canada at gmail.com

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From: Peter Larson
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Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 10:04:00 -0400
Subject: RE: [Canada & FSM/WSF discussion] EN FR WSFcafe Ottawa & extended
workshops in PSF- Cafe FSM Ottawa et ateliers étendus dans le FSP

Hello friend,

I am doing a workshop on the issue of *Palestinian Refugees* at the PSF. As
of today, I still do not know where or when, but I am one of those

As I understand it, you would be able to “live stream” my workshop (and
presumably also capture it on video for future use). If so, I am definitely

But I will need a bit of coaching in order to do what I have to do. Can you
confirm my understand, and are you able to help me?

Thank you.

*message reminder

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