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From: Julie
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2014 21:44:00 -0400

I would be excited and delighted to open my workshop in live streaming, in particular to FNMI communities, as we will be discussing on Indigenous ways of learning, how they can teach all of us about better connections, and how we need to mobilize in order to repair the education gap currently happening in Canada.

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First Nations Teachings and Transformance - Revisiting Education Through Culture /      Julie Vaudrin-Charette   
We will discuss about inclusive pedagogy: why should it matters; to who, and how we can contribute to enrich our intercultural dialogues through exploring heart-based connections. As such, we will look at specific ways in which FN teaching are enriching educational contexts. / Nous vous proposons une rencontre autour des enseignements autochtones en lien avec la guérison et le dialogue.   
11. Knowledge / Savoir et connaissance    Bilingual    Workshop / Atelier    August 23rdAfternoon / Après-midi    90

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    •   bring  a laptop and set it up at the beginning of your workshop, focusing on the discussion, and some people in the room may help you last minute,
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