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    from aicha_efessem on Jan 29, 2015 05:22 PM
    Hello  Scott
    Thank you for your stimulating comment ( below) about your perception of
    our  recent sending   which is one link
    In this compact message , extension  is described in 5 points
    We think you people know in that list know about the "Why participate in
    wsf ",So  we focus on the "how to participate, when you do not have in hand
    a plane ticket to tunis"  Our understanding  and experience is that there
    are many possibilities to "extend" the wsf spirit far from its center which
    is currently Tunis
    * HOW to register, and HOW  to get into  the extension dynamics and How to
    enlarge activities in the internet  How to make contacts and be
    visible  .**.HOW
      to get in the wsf café  etc.. - point 4 in link*
    See here the organizations from canada  who are registered in the wsf
    website so far .. yours can join, going or not to tunis  ( point 2)
    We would be quite pleased to see canadian activities in tunis  being
    enlarged by their organizers towards  more canadians not travelling to
    tunis  to stay on board  ( see item 3 in the link)
    We would be delighted to see some local activities of various type in
    Canada BC SK Ontario  QB etc.. announced in wsf site for before or during
    of after wsf days 24 28 march , and they can be enlarged  also   (see item
    5 ) So far none of the 70 activities announced "out of tunis" is from canada
    Our expectation is  to get in  *verbal  contact on phone,  skype ,
     facebook * with  who is interested by extension of wsf   in canada ,  wsf
    café , distant participation in tunis etc
    That is why there is a participation form ( see point 1 in the link  above)
    Scott please  note that 40 people out of  the 230 participants  who have
    answered our invitation so far are from palestine and that might be of
     specific interest for you ( point 1)
    We can be  contacted   by email  sadek.efessem@...
    aicha;efessem@..., we can call you on the phone  ... we are not geeks
    Greetings from extension commission Aicha
    Has the WSF devolved into a cyber geek gathering?I have to say, this
    post is difficult for ordinary mortals like me to understand the
    code.best wishes=
    Scott Weinstein
    Palestinian caucus at Canada Social Forum in Ottawa 2014.