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  • Enlarging your activities on internet ?! - WSF 2015 Extension

    from aicha_efessem on Feb 02, 2015 05:34 PM
    "Tunis 2015 will have an" extended "format to allow the widest possible
    number of people and organizations that wish to participate in the World
    Social Forum process to  participate, wherever they are on the planet"
    *Dear organizers of activities in WSF2015, *
    *You have  announced 1200 activities as of  late January (  plus more
     activities to come, "outside Tunis", that it is possible to announce in
    wsf website  until mid-March)*
    The WSF 2015 Extension Commission suggests  that you  consider the
    possibility *of enlarging your activity on skype / internet ",* whether in
    Tunis or out of Tunis
    You can implement this simply (see directions below), and thus allow
    concretely people, with a skype account, who will be out of the place where
    your activity will be held, and are interested in it, *to get in touch in
    one click  with you coming  in a skype room associated with your activity*
    So  BEFORE the WSF event in *Tunis  24 28 March,* concrete exchanges via
    text chat and audio / video meetings can be held at your convenience
    between you (the organizers of that activity), remote  WSF participants that
    came in the room, and volunteers of the  extension Commission that support
     extension dynamics in your region:
    *The dynamics of these exchanges then will help you to choose the precise
    form of the enlagement on internet at the time of the activity
    itself,* depending
    on your technical and logistical capacity, internet connectivity where you
    are  (*in tunis, internet network is currently being strenghtened in the
    university*)  ,  the number of people interested,  the support you can get
    in your organisation and from us  etc
    - The technical form:* simple skype,  or skype + streaming video, or other
    - The type of interaction: what is during the activity, the  participation
    time allocated for remote participants, and the "Face to face"participants
    *Here are the first activities that the organizers have decided to enlarge
    on internet  *
    *this is the start of the WSF 2015 "enlarged" program*
    On this page you can access, by clicking on the links provided for each
    activity, the respective  skype rooms associated with these  enlarged
    Some activities are before"Tunis"  24 28 march, others are  "in Tunis" or
    during "Tunis", others after "Tunis"
    If you decide to enlarge, you can start now and not wait end of
    agglutination because the skype room will resist to the steps of
    agglutination in February
    *Here is the step by step  to create the skype room and edit the title and
    text of your activity on the WSF website to demonstrate this enlargement on
    the internet*
    If this interests you, please follow these steps
    You can also write ( aicha.efesse <aicha.efessem@...>m at gmail.com
    <aicha.efessem@...> or contact us (skype = fsm2015comextension)
    *Extension: a way  to sustain  and develop and deepen  the WSF process
    where you live and act for another possible world*
    *Below is  the "extension guide"  a  summary of useful links on the
    extension, with 5 parts*
       - 1 / How to register in person in the extension dynamics and the wsf
       café ( there is a form to fill)
       - 2 / how to register one's activities in Tunis, or out of Tunis on the
       WSF website  registration.fsm215.org
       - 3 / how to enlarge one's activity on skype / internet (subject of this
       - 4 / How come in the WSF café (activity in internet proposed by the
       commission extension)
       - 5 / What are the three main types of activity outside Tunis - local
       activity in "face to face", - video conference with Tunis - local WSF café
    * Extension **Commission **WSF 2015*
    At the end of January
    2,200 organizations are listed on the WSF website
    1100 proposals for activities out of which 70 activities are "out of Tunis"
    230 people are in dynamic extension and WSF café