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Fwd: Situation in Iraq - coverage of demonstrations in iraq friday 25th octobre by iraq social forum participants

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Dear friends,

‏I am writing to you from Iraq, which has been living for decades in a 
state of instability, wars, dictatorship and occupation. Iraqis have 
been protesting for two weeks.
Tomorrow will be the largest in the capital Baghdad and other cities to 
demand their looted rights to improve the living situation and provide 
jobs and restore dignity to Iraqis.
Dears,during the past demonstrations, the government suppressed the 
demonstrators in brutal ways using live bullets and armed militias to 
intimidate them and stop the demonstrations.
Tomorrow (friday25)  the demonstration will come again demonstrations 
and I think that the government will not just watch the demonstrators as 
possible to assault them in different ways as happened previously.

The Iraqi Social Forum invites you to show solidarity with the Iraqis in 
their peaceful uprising for dignity and social justice.
To find out more about the protests, you can join the Telegram channel :

‏ The government has cut the Internet service during the past period and 
possible they will cut it again in the coming hours .

‏Ali Sahib
‏Coordinator of the Iraqi Social Forum
Due to the situation the season 6 event of Iraq social forum scheduled 
november 9th has been postponed
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