Nice to be in contact  Peter, Julie, Sylvie, Ethan, Gustavo

Thank you for having been responsive and  among the first to confirm your intention to extend  your PSF workshop online and enable/build "distance participation"in it with the help of one or two volunteers( whom you will find in priority among your group/network/organisation)

Now you are on this working  list "extending psf-fsp-activities-list " at  lists.openfsm.net . It gathers those among the 400 FSP workshop facilitators who have the same intention, and  we will send information and reminders on this list  http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/lists/psf-extending-activities-fsp/membership

You share this intention of extension of a worksho peven if the content of your workshops might be quite different

You get into the practice of extending social forums and we hope that it will be a positive one

We list your workshop as open to remote participation  in s display page of PSF extended workshops here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  It comes with indication of your email and we recomend to give   an  indication of public skype contact   .  People will appreciate to be able to contact you visa skype in advance and feel there is someone on the line !  ( and via email and telephone as those can be found in a link in  the  same display page)

It is you or one of your volunteers  who organize the extension of your worskshop, circulate invitation, create conversation room  etc  .....Email us if you have a specific concern and we try to guide you through inasmuch possible

We advise to CREATE and regularly update your form " extending my psf workshop" ere https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qS4GG7naeX9mGkcYyuh8A9PrUs6ET5sSmav9Ys6B06M/viewform  

( you  copy past and keep the update  link after submitting  the first response (if you have not found and kept that link, send a second form ...) 

This form  will be a check list for you and keeps us  abreast of the progress of your preparation (see questions 7 to 18 of the "enlarging my workshop"  form that will guide you) .  Skills to make live video  and written chat  are widespread among the forum participants, and that it is possible to find these skills ( see form items 9 to 13).

What matters in order to succeeed in extended participation  is early communication with your future extended participants (see  "extending my workshop  form items 14 a & 17 in the form) or/and  http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/skype-conversation-room-for-feedbacks-en

We advise you to use skype for this as it is widely known ( but there can be other ways, for instance  some of you are considering a google hangout meeting for example which will be activated just on the workshop time slot,though)  :

  • Send email invitations to your networks give a skype public contact ( myorg.extension will do nicely)   explaining that they can remotely participate in your workshop http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-generic-invitation
  • log on frequently to your public skype account   and accept contacts that have required contact
  • Create a skype conversation chat room with them as soon as you have two interlocutors
  • Communicate frequently in the conversation room by written with your remote participants on skype, and occasionnaly if have an audio chat with those who happen to be on line
  •  it is relevant  to create a bond of dialogue and  communication trust before the start of the chat during the  activity in PSF  

We are trying to  "facilitate" this practice of extended participation

Again, thank you for extending your workhop Let us know on this list , or directly  your thoughts and concerns as your preparation progresses. It may be a learning experience for some of you

Also we are looking forward to  meet you in person during the PSF, we will probably be around of WSF café space in PSF-Ottawa!  nearby the media center in Ottawa university   the invitation to wsf cafe is here http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa ( you can fill the particpation form 

WSF cafe is a casual meeting place (on line through skype mostly)  between participants in PSF in ottawa and world social forum process participants from around the world ,  who are interested to meet and make contact

Sylvie and Pierre