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    from group_fsmwsfextension_canada on Aug 17, 2014 03:07 PM
    Hello Kelly  Benoit Gary  and other 13 extensionners on the list ,
    corresponding to the 13 workshops there
    international invitation has been circulated today to about 5000 wsf
    process participants in asia africa europe latin ameria
    Comment more than answers to kelly's question in the lines below
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    From: Kelly Carmichael <kelly.carmichael@...>
    Cc: Benoit Lievens <noinoit@...>, Gary Shaul <garyshaul@...>
    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 11:35:40 -0400
    Subject: extension of
    We are working on setting up our webcast.
    Can you tell me what AV equipment is available in Morriset 212?? I don't
    know what AV/Interpretation means.
    We do not know either,  AV might mean audi visual ?
    for webcasting two portable pcshould do , using the university wifi ( we
    understand all participants are given an access) , or a more independent
    option, using 3G key that bring internet through the cell phone network .
    If in your team you have such a key bring it just in case.
    Also, we have indicated that we would like to have a translator. Is that
    supplied by the PSF?
    we have no clue, we are focusing to stimulating self organized extension.
    Organizing Staff of PSF should know better,
    *we are eagerly waiting from you  the public skype account eg
    "fairvoteca.extension" that can be put in the line 11 3rd column*  to allow
    the building of  a group of remote participants to fom on skype before the
    start of the workshop
    *At the moment the invitation is circulated and worskhop 99 in not tagged
    green,  *because there is no participation channel set up in line 11 of the
    table  - skype is robust simple  to use for chat and audio conversation and
    well known to many , and people can make first steps of inclusion
    l*et us know  **if  you prefer to do without skype and rely on the embedded
    chat of the webcast tool*
    it is of course your decision, although we see it as a less comfortable and
    versatile communication channel
    Also you can use skype as a early channel and then invite people to log in
    the live streamn chat
    Sylvie and Pierre
    Kelly Carmichael
    Executive Director
    Fair Vote Canada
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