Hi Ethel

I am pleased to hear the Skype news, and I expect some of our Ottawans to get back to you about psf-extension needs.

I note that we already have advice of a Skype identity for your workshop; here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities

Is your team using qdm.extension for the Ottawa workshop?  You can expect psf-extended participants to view the workshop's proceedings over your video link (could be one of these two Skype addresses), so its camera needs resolution, and to be moved to capture all participants who speak.

The psf-extended participants will type Questions/ Responses/ Contributions via a Skype link, so a non-speaker needs to be able to read from/ respond to these remote psf-extended participants.

You have time to think this through, for it to happen with the minimum of intrusion/ inconvenience to you.  If still in doubt, you could visit the WSF Cafe, which I anticipate will open around 10am, Thursday 21st August adjacent to the Media Centre (Jock-Turcot University Centre; UCU301 on the map).  They may have other suggestions to smooth your communication to the Whole World!

Best wishes

Chris Williams

WSFCafe helper

Adelaide, Australia (Ottawa+13.5hrs)

On 18/08/2014 3:23 AM Ethel Cote wrote:

My skype


What should i do during the workshop

From: group.fsmwsfextension.canada@gmail.com
To: psf-extending-activities-fsp@lists.openfsm.net
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 16:56:29 +0200
Subject: [PSF/FSP Extending my Activities] welcoming tara as 15th extensionner - wating for video links and invitations

hello everyone  extending their workshop

now we are 15 workshops practising extension on line

some of you have not given any skype contact so far - or have decided to do without skype

also give us the video link and  check the time and hour indicated in the table

also please send us a copy of the invitation you are circulating in your networks
suggested format

looking forward to reading you
extension grouphttp://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/wsfcanadafsm-process-fsp-psf