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 Extension of workshop 286 well prepared ! / commenting on Gustavo's and Ethan's messages


Hello Gustavo and Ethan  ( and others on the extensionners list) PSF/FSP Extending my Activities

Thanks  for answering both on our last sending
Here are below in blue  comments on both your messages
Sylvie and Pierre

2014-08-09 1:13 GMT+02:00 Gustavo
Hi, Sylvie, Pièrre and others! I'm looking forward to meeting all who will be here in Ottawa.

Sylvie and Pièrre, let me reply to some of your questions:

  • 1- I had created a Google On Air Hangout event, but indeed it has a maximum of 10 viewers. I had chosen this option because it was the 1st option in the Form to register the extended workshop, without checking this detail.

>> thanks for the indication! we are adding a comment on that  in the page : http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-technical-info
  • Today I created the broadcasting event with Livestream. The latest free version of Livestream allows for unlimited number of viewers. I already updated the Google Form with the URL of the Livestream broadcasting event.

so far your activity 286  is the only one which provides skype account usable as of now to establish contact with you, and video link

Also since you seem quite reactive we suggest you try recording a short 2mn  on your livestream channel of both of you presenting your workshop and include it in your separate  invitation http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-generic-invitation

We have been to your livestream event, and are invited to "connect to livestream to view it add free" -  Livestream  like all others is providing a "side chat environment" , but we tend to prefer staying on skype which has more features and because it  is decoupled from the video working or not - and provides continuity of action towards your future/past remote participants

Login to Livestream to Watch this Event Ad-FreeA Livestream account is required to watch Internet Tools For the Engaged Citizen / PSF 2014 #286 http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381

We suggest you test a bit how/if users can get in the livestream  video without having to create an account in livestream,  and how Nick can propose those who are merely watching  or are  making input in the livestream  sidechat  to contact the gcsfredpsf@outlook.com" skype account and join the rest of the party  ( can be done with indicaton in the side chat or indications on the streamed video image)

  • 2- I created the public Skype account for the workshop and I put a note also in the Google Form. It's  "gcsfredpsf@outlook.com".

>> we admit we had not thought of this  type of account which is both a skype account and gives indication of a public  email - :-)  Now we have asked contact with it and we are showing it in the extended program 

  • 3- Nick has volunteered indeed to help with my workshop. I'd like to propose for him to be the one volunteer for both video broadcasting and Skype chat during the session. That is because a) we are in need of many volunteers for various activities here for the PSF locally b) I find it reasonable to leave the video broadcasting software one and alone, while Nick can maybe monitor Skype more during the session. I hope this is fine.

>> of course yes it is possible to do both as one person  (
 While you are busy  maintaining the skype interaction with the remote participants  you also ensure that you follow who is speaking

we recommend pasting a webcam with adhesive tape on top of a full can or small water bottle and this provides a stable shooting point that you can easily rotate to follow who is speaking in the room )
he photo in this page shows two computer used by one person for this  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextended-amedvideos-en
One computer is for taking notes / or interacting on skype and livestreaming  an one is just  for checking the quality of the livestreaming soud and image  received throught the internet with a headset  - the webcam  is on the  bottle in between the two computers
VIDEO MEMORY ISSUE If you follow the links you will see that the videos are no longer available at ustream;tv  that is a middle term problem  ( it is possible to download the videos created on commercial sites through add ons )

  • 4- I'm thinking about the PSF/WSF Café... 

That is good news, here the idea is to use skype and have casual meetings  chat /audio  and pssibly videos between  small groups of 1,2,3 people in ottawa dropPing by randomly in the cafe lace during 21-24 days  and  a set of remoate participants who have registered and may be on line at that moment .
Those far away hey may be doing something else  or the time difference is so they are sleeping etc
Statistically some of them will be connected at a given time and  the role of the WSFcafe waiter  is to propose Ottawa people  various posiblities of call depending on who is connected  and  call the corresponding people
We would like proactive volunteers to help secure operation of the cafe particularly on 21 22 Volunteers on 23 24 are aslo most welcome

  • cheers
Congratulations  to nick and you, if you know other workshop/assembly  organizers in PSF  You are fully geared and informed  to promote extension around you
We are looking forward to receiving a complimentary copy of the invitation you will most probably circulate to your networks  to promote your workshop  http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-generic-invitation


Commenting  Ethan message

From: Ethan
To: psf-extending-activities-fsp@lists.openfsm.net

Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2014
Subject: Re: [PSF/FSP Extending my Activities] Check list form for extension of workshop 286 . waiting for skype accouts / Sharing some comments
You know, you guys are really making this way more difficult than it needs to be. You only have 6 workshops registered right now. Why not keep it simple?
At this point, I am thinking it might be easier to organize a Google Hangout On Air and promote it separately.

Hello Ethan

  • commenting on "making this way more difficult than it needs to be"
This "extending my activities list" is for exchanging tips and views about extending  one's workshop , that is what we are doing right now , and your comment is welcome

Yes there are "only" 7 workshops whose organisers have announced  they would extend them, and we have good hope there will be some more in the coming days   (was 10 but now down to 7 since 3 of campaign gears workshop are not in the PSF schedule )

That is already a concrete task to support ./exchange views on the extension  of these 7  workshops
The extension of each workshop has its own process and actors  - that is why we suggest to use a google form as check list you can update, as Gustavo did -
it is not a requisite, it is a suggestion  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qS4GG7naeX9mGkcYyuh8A9PrUs6ET5sSmav9Ys6B06M/viewform

  • The support we can commit to give to PSF extensionners  is
So far only  workshop 286 can be effectvely promoted as extended as it practical ALL  connection info skype account a mail contact
we are suggesting that organziers of other workshops to  at least  create  and give us a skype account  to give possibility of  the basic contact channel being established
  • 2/circulating the page and the general invitation to participate in other mailing lists existing in www.openfsm.net  which are gathering  world social forum process participants in other regions of the world   ( latin america , maghreb  middle east  africa   - south asia  )  here comes the international dimension
Of course this is effective if you give early ways to be contacted ( skype account. :-).)  and if it is done early enough So people far away  have time to decide if they want to join and schedule a participation slot in their personal  agenda , make contact with you etc  and you are also invited to circulate your own invitations in your networks http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-generic-invitation
Creation of public skype account / finding volunteer(s) / circulating invitation to one's network/ , creating a skype conversation room including progressively  those contacting the skype  /  casual contacts with them,/  giving them the video link /  and finally starting the video link at the beginning of the workshop with already the skype conversation room ready to go
This skype conversation room  is the core /robust  remote  participation group ( other people  just browsing the video links last minute be indicated to move to the skypeaccount  in the chat device  taht is usually associated  to the livestreaming tool

  • commenting  "At this point, I am thinking it might be easier to organize a Google Hangout On Air and promote it separately

Google hang out On Air - are we undestand is  google hangout + youtube  providing a livestreaming tool -  ( google hangout per se is limited to 10 points and is suitable only if you want to limit your extension to a few remote participating points, the first ten .. we are not experts ) and we are not imposing anything if you give us a link to a google hangout event we will edit it on the page and promote it  http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities

The fact is that we recomend decoupling the video and the chat  -because, out of the workshop time, the video is irrelevant, while the cha  keeps a continuity in teh "community of remote participants"  whatever happens and is relevant before and may be relevant  after the workshop
 That is why we recomend this mix between any kind of livestreamig tool and  a skype conversation room

Separately , well ..yes .we invite you to promote through your networks, that means also separately :-)  http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-generic-invitation

looking forward to yor comments
sylvie and pierre