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institute a “dual membership” inside wsf caring community - to include contributive persons  and  2011 generation  individual base movement

 idea is  to accommodate both organizations and individuals  that  the organizations can  "present"  to membership 

  • 2 representatives per organisation with whatever mandate
  • a fixed potential proportion of  independent   (let us say as many independent as representatives
  • an organisation can present 3 person max
  • each independent needs to be "presented"  formally by minimum 3 organizations ( the presentation is checked by the membership structural goup)


Preeminence of organizations inside wsf caring community

this preeminence could remain in the decision process in plenary meetings – there can be two consensus decision mode

  • all CC members are in  consensus decision perimeter
  • representative only  in the consensus perimeter for the decision ( but independent can have up to 50% of  verbal interventions in the debate)

and it is the privilege of represetnatives of 5 any organization to ask to switch to "representative only" mode at any time


Dual membership system in "wsf caring community" 



representatives of organisation

presented-independent individuals______________


175 organisations currently  many of who  are not participating



criteria to get in – audit by membership review group

internal criteria to choose representatives


one organisaiton can have 2 representatives


one organization can present 3 independents

criteria internal to organisation to choose  their representatives

criteria internal to organisation to present independents

one independent needs to be publicly presented by 3 member organizations

presented independents has no formal link with the organization that present them

however if there is a problem with this person’s behavior the presenting organization representative have to  mediate with  the person and may ask her to leave the community /IC

duration of mandate

unlimited –but ends if no direct of  extended participation in more than two successive meeting  ( membership structural group review)

flexible according  organisation decision

two years maximum

contribution to event organizing


open- as per event organizing dynamics

contribution to initiative sustain


open- as per initiative  organizing dynamics

contribution to mixed working groups


open / 1 groups minimum


contribution to inner working groups


open / 1 groups minimum


contribution to  functional groups

an organization must be present in one functional group

open / 1 minimum 2 maximum

contribution to structural groups

an organization must be present in one structural  group

open / 1 structural grup minimum  - following the membership rules  cannot be more less 50% of groups -

open / 1 structural grup minimum  - following the membership rules  cannot be more than 50% of groups -

criteria for being be pushed out

absence of presence in more than three successive meetings

none- mandate  can be renewed

if all 3 presenting organisaiton ask to go out

coherence vigilance in groups


as group member see that group work is coherent with reference documents and outcome of inner and functional groups

participation in group decision process


plain participation in consensus mode

participation in  plenary decision process


5 can ask to switch to representative only  decision mode

yes or no according to the decision mode chosen in plenary

quorum rules

30% of  all  organisations present in last 4 meeting  ( extended participation ?)

60% in the group or mailing list consultation of group