• cifuturG2 cartography ci

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  • basic data    175 organisations formally in the  wsf office data

  • cifuturG2 age & presence in IC     31 meetings in 12 years 
  • cifuturG2 participation profile in IC    trends going up and trends going down
  • cifuturG2 participation4 ic   50 to 80 organisations active in IC with one participation in the last 4 meetings
  • cifuturG2 participation5 ic   see the évolution of attendance of organisations here
  • some suggested practical considerations
    • 1 - what if there is a criteria that an organisation looses its "representative seat" in the "IC community", after 4 successive absences in 4 sucessive meetings - how many organizations  would then formally out  from the 175 in the list? the simulation is made in cifuturG2 participation4 ic with reversible and irreversible  absence - and careful analysis shows that maybe a wiser criteria would be 5 sucessive absences
    • 2- what if there is a criteria that an organisation having a representative seat in IC should have a website or a webpage on line ( this criteria is more understandable in 2013 than was in 2001) in order to show it has some significant existence
    • 3- what if there is a criteria that ic meeting quorum needs X organisations with at least 50% participation in the last 3 meetings in order to have some feeling of continuity- this figure X could be given as a proportion of  the figures obtained in  point 1
    • 4- of course these considerations can be mixed with the ermerging practice  of tele participation through internet  streaming video + chat which may provide some possibilities  of participation for organizations motivated but not affording the travel costs


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