• cifuturG2 consultation discussion

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Starting with proposal V1 from italy Discussion is on the G2 mailing list  

  • (june)  first survey V1 draft and comments until V2 draft are presented in discussion table here
  • (june) After this phase there is a V3 proposal : table2  shows correspondence between questions in V2 and questions in V3...
  • (july) invitation to test V3 form   with first critical answers
  • (july) development of various surveys exploration 2A 2B (combined in 2C) and 1 surveys , trying to shorten and to cover the full spectrum of discussion along several facets
  • (august) presentation of surveys 1 2C 2B 3  in a survey menu   in  english  -   en  espanol  - en francais
  • (september) collection of reponses  1 2A in french and spanish  - translation of surveys  in espanol and french  - survey 2A on line - overview of 4 surveys  cifuturG2 consultation inputs2 positionning profile of questions of the  4 surveys in  survey menu with a  color code
  • (october) direct sending through mail of an updated survey 2A  to iC members  cifuturG2 consultation inputs3

rabat 2009



(to come-wip) presenting first statistics on survey 2A and  survey 1  and valuing diversity in the consultation cifuturG2 consultation info4