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This is a series of inputs- subsumed as "inputs 1" though provoking in answers proposed in  exploration 3 survey -   work in progress


5 ideas are summarized in a diagram between existing and possible IC see here: http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-input1-alternatives

1/ Consider "DUAL MEMBERSHIP", to include "independents" persons ( eg 2011 movement activists) presented by member organisations

2/ Consider replacing "liaison group" by several "STRUCTURAL GROUPS", each with a limited scope, to spread collective ownership of CI/IC operation among all WSF IC/CI members ( MEMBERSHIP- AGENDA – EVALUATION – RESOURCES – EXTENSION - CONTRIBUTION REVIEW – FOLLOW UP)

3/ Consider replacing "commissions" by more "FUNCTIONAL REVIEW GROUPS" ( more because several groups are porposed on the communication scope), each focusing on updating a working plan entrusted to contributive groups (see point 5) EXPANSION STRATEGY RESOURCES METHODOLOGY CONTENT ORGANIZERS EXPERIENCE PARTICIPANT EXPERIENCE MEDIA EXPERIENCE NON PARTICIPANTS OUTREACH )

4/ Consider instituting a public peer to peer "WSF CONTRIBUTION REVIEW among IC/CI members", and give more IC/CI meeting time to value concrete contributive work

5/ Consider implementig the various functional working plans mentioned in 3/, through "CONTRIBUTION GROUPS", which are open also to sf event organizers and active wsf participants, in order to allow outreach and inmersion of IC/CI in a wider community ( more info http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-possible-working-groups-to-care-about-wsf-process)


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mexico 2010

The version 1 and 2  of consultation  reads  more like " do you want ic to go on as before , yes? , or if not what do you propose? "  it is worth proposing a V3form   with multiple answers illustrating alternatives

Some New elements can be considered, based on experience of IC and new concerns /challenges – they can be reflected through "closed question options"  in the questionnaire, and   used as “mind openers/provokers”  to stimulate reflection about new forms of organizing a "wsf caring community/initiative"


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