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Overview of suveys  - Vista de conjunto sobre cuestionarios -   Vue d'ensemble sur les questionnaires

  • EN - this table is locating the 4 surveys proposed in Survey menu english  with a categorization of  questions  by 5 colors   

    WSF vision - Generic IC vision - personal participation - recomended changes actions  in ICevaluation & change scenarios for  IC

    This overview  may illustrate  the notion of diversity  regarding how to  tackle the issue of ic future  (  other surveys are possible ...)  and help choose a survey to explore depending on one's time available and profile of the survey

    • FR - ce tableau situe les 4 questionnaires proposés dans le menu francais  avec une categorisation des questions selon 5 couleurs

     vision du FSM -  vision du CI générique -participation personnelle - actions recommandées dans le CI  evaluation & scenarios  CI

    Cette vue générale peut illustrer la diversité des manières d'aborder le futur di CI (d'autres questionnaires sont possibles...) et d'aider a choisir un questionnaire a explorer selon son temps et son profil

    • ES - esta tablero coloca los 4 cuestionarios propuestos en el menu espanol   con una categorizacion de preguntas por 5 colores -

    Esta vista general puede ilustrar la diversidad de maneras de tocar el tema del futuro del CI  y ayudar a escoger una segun tiempo y perfil


    Choose_survey_by  time & profile

    Escoja_encuesta_segun tiempo y perfil

    Choisir selon temps et profil

    Exploration 1 (16 Q)

    PROFILE : developing  wsf  vision ownership and evaluation & scenarios for IC  other facilitation groups

    > 15 minutes

    Exploration 2A (7 Q)

    PROFILE : developing tailoring of IC with proposed adaptations

    > 10 minutes

    Exploration 2B(10 Q)

    PROFILE : developing  WSF  vision ownershipcontributions -   IC vision, and recommendations  

    > 20 mn  (+ comments)

     Exploration 3  ( 15 Q)

    PROFILE : developing IC vision and concrete options for adapting and enhancing IC or dissolving it       

     > 45 mn (+comments)


           Statistics1 on responses

        Statistics2 on  responses


    ver las exploraciones ya hechas

    voir les explorations deja faites


    exploration1 espanol

    exploration1 français 

    exploration2A_28 responses

    exploration2a espanol




    Color code for question category

    Code couleur par catégorie de question

    codigo de color por tipo de pregunta


    Describing  one’s WSF vision  & ownership  -  decrire sa vision et son rapport au FSM - describiendo vision y relacion con el FSM> lines  3 - 6

    personal participation and contributions - participacion personal y contribuciones  > lines 1 2 4 5 18

    Tailoring one's vision of  IC scope & organization in general ( ideal)  -  donner sa vision du CI en général ( idéal) - dar su vision del CI en general

    > lines 7 to 17

    Proposing  concrete actions in IC - proponiendo acciones en ci - actions concretes dans le CI

    > lines 24 and (partially) 9 to 17

    Giving one's views on evaluation and change scenarios in IC from where IC stands - Donner son evaluation du CI et des scénarions possibles - Dar su evaluacion del CI y de los escenarios posibles > lines19 to 29  (not 24)

    from “current IC” to “minimal adapted IC”,  “enhanced adapted IC”   “dissolved IC”  

    questions / exploration 1
    questions / exploration 2A
    questions / exploration 2B questions / exploration 3


    have you participated in ic meetings

    1. Have you participated in IC meetings in the past?

    Q1 - What is your  experience in WSF process


    1. How many IC meetings have you personally attended?
    1b. How many IC meetings has your organisation attended?
     When was the first  and last meeting attended by your organisation?

    Q2 : How would you describe yourself regarding “WSF process”


    Q1- Is WSF process our "common good" ?, and should we, participants in this process, actively care about it ?

    Q3 : Select some opinions close to yours regarding WSF process

    Q1 - wsf process area and scope of action wsf ic/ci


    Q4 : What have been/could be your significant contributions to WSF process?


    Q2 - As wsf participant, do you feel motivated enough to support this WSF process by means that are within your reach?

    Q5 : What time and funds would you and your organization POTENTIALLY be ready to contribute to support the process


    Q3 - As wsf participant, do you feel that WSF world events are a useful "tool" in current context?

    7 -  

    Q4 - Do you feel that a "central body" servicing/facilitating/impulsing wsf process is a necessity ?

    Q6 - type of body  xx-   xx   

    8 -  

    Q5 – if you answered rather yes in question 4, what are the relevant minimal missions of such a central body ?

    Q2.What best would represent according to you the mandate/tasks of the IC? * (choose as many optionsas you preferaccording your vision of what is "ideal" IC)

    Q6 : What is the scope of tasks of IC in supporting / impulsing WSF process?

    Q6bis (optional) What is the relevant role IC on each of the 20 wsf faclitation /impulsion tasks proposed  xx-    

    Q2 - self defined missions of wsf ic/ci body related to wsf process

    9 -  

    Q4 - name of wsf ic/ci body  xx-   x


    Q3. 3. What would you consider to best represent the values, attitudes and behaviours of the IC members? (choose as many as you prefer) *

    ? xx 

    Q8 : From a general view point, how do you see “ideal" IC members/participants? xx    

    Q11 - stimulating contribution of wsf ic/ci members   xx


    Q4. How could the IC tasks be fulfilled? (choose as many as you prefer) ? xx 

    Q8 - size & composition of wsf ic/ci body


    Q7. How should the IC take its decisions

    Q9 - consensus decision modalities   x


    Q5. What are your thoughts about the IC membership?xx 

    Q6. How could the IC memberships be expanded? ?xx 

    Q7 - who can be members/initiators/stimulators in this wsf ci/ic (whatever their names)?   xx 


    Q12 - towards which outputs are wsf ic/ci meetings organized?   xx


    Q10 - principles and options about organisation - working groups   x 


    Q13 - "time for topic" table [

    Q14 "time for situation" table


    Q5 - outwards action of wsf ic/ci entity     x


    Q7. Assuming your are ic member, Would you be personally willing to commit yourself to the tasks of an ideal IC members:

    Q9 : How do you see your possible personal participation in or around IC ?

    19 - 

    Q6 - What role has played IC in the past 5 years ?


    Q7 - What is your perception of desire and motivation in IC members and potential members to 22change IC ?


    Q8 - Is it possible/desirable to create a dynamics inside IC aiming at "delivering" more than IC has been delivering in the last 5 years?


    Q9 - What are current IC main assets / strengths?


    Q10 - What are IC main problems / weaknesses?


    Q11 - In which directions should a change in IC be worked out, if needed?

    Q7 : Which recommendation would you support regarding IC for the coming period?

    Q15 refining alternatives


    Q12 - Is there enough “political / methodological “ consensus inside IC to move somewhere, or is IC stalled ?

    Q3 - your view on securing a future for wsf ic/ci


    Q13 - is it possible /relevant that IC dissolves and proposes another frame of facilitation/service for wsf process, without jeopardizing wsf process


    Q14 - is it possible/useful/wise to keep a "minimal" IC afloat at minimal cost ?


    Q15 – Is it be possible/relevant/wise to develop other servicing/facilitating/ipulsing groups with different contributive capacity/profile?


    Q16 - How can a common vision of "what to do ?" be build in and around IC ?


    Q10 : How about an "exploration 3" , focused on IC missions, IC basic operation, and IC meetings agenda ?

    Q16 assessment of this survey