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what is the notion of "wsf process"  encompassing, in your understanding ? ( select letters of perimeters  that are included in wsf   )  being understood that  IC/CC is formally legitimate in A perimeter... and pragmatically legitimate in B D perimeters

  • perim A - build up, participation, and follow up of "activities" in wsf event every two years = original world event participation
  • perim B - build up, participation, and follow up of "activities" in all other social forum events in the planet  = + all? sf events participation
  • perim C inclusion of events that are not social forum where organization involved in the wsf proces have some  organizing role  = + some other events 
  • perim D - participation in wsf process initiatives providing possibilities of connection, binding, cooperation outside of events  = + wsf initiatives participation
  • perim E - public actions and campaigns made by wsf process participants in line with their wsf themes of participation = +  wsf linked actions/campaigns
  • perim F actions and campaigns made by  wsf process participants and other actors = + other actions and campaigns


 This scheme is considering wsf process with perimeter A B D  / C E F are outside

Each social forum process is autonomous , so IC/CC is formally legitimate in A perimeter... and pragmatically legitimate in B D perimeters where it can have an influence through  "doing" - i-e  many event organizers may be cc members of be in mixed groups  or inter-communicate in wsf intiatives ( such as OE space gathering organizers of events)


“wsf calendar ”  -   wsf calendar collection of events

charter of principles

charter remix

guiding principles for events

check list

wsf lexicon

area A -world event


extended participation

preparation holding follow up

event organizing committee /commissions

area B - other sf events

(event category 1 & 2)

extended participation

preparation holding follow up

event organizing committees/commissions








area C -other  events

(event category 3 & 4)

guiding principles for initiatives


open groups ( distance 2)

area D - wsf initiatives  binding sf events together and  providing connections dialogic oportunities during and outside events      intiaitive groups

mixed groups ( distance 1)

other binding initiatives not specific to wsf process

wsf web portal  

OEI space /list- exchange space  for organizers of events and initiatives

rules for inner caring body organisation–

Scope of a main wsf caring group( = IC)

Servicing  expanding  deepening the process

 inner working groups  ( distance 0)  

 stuctural and functionnal groups

cross  hybridation


  other processes
(eg PGA)


area E -public actions decided  in sf events by participants

F –other decided public actions


what are the implications of the above perimeter choice for a wsf process caring body ?

(work in progress)  

  • Perimeter A–
  • process 2001-2005 2007 2009 2011  role of wsf caring body is more discussing a methodology and consuming the forum organized  by a local organizing committee along the  methodology -  first years of IC were under initiative of the local organizing committee that was also the secretariat  Deepening the single event process is still an important way of progress with good buildup early online intercommunication – high quality dialogic activities  including extended participation – proper follow up on documentation and convergences

    • this is the area with maximum legitimacy  - and still a lot to do to develop quality in the full preparation -holding- folllow up process
    • initiatives to exchange about how  activities can be well prepared and successful in wsf event can be inside perimeter A & B


  • Perimeter B -   
  •  a wsf process caring body  is legitimately concerned that principles are understood in the contexts of many different  events, even if  these processes are autonomous , they can be  influenced  through cross participation in wsf event process – wsf process can try to show by doing a good process  while making explicit how methodology is modulated according to each process and areas
    • initaitives to exchange about how events can be well build and successful can be inside perimeter C

  • inclusion of other event in the context of the process can marginally show the continuity of involvement of some organizations participating in event     informative inclusion of events in wsf calendar as in perimeter 2  - there is a grey zone of  events organized with active participation of wsf participant organizations  mentioning their participation in the wsf proces -one criteria for setting limits to which events can be considered  in the wsf agenda is “does civil society has an autonomy in those events”


  • Perimeter  D  -
  • process 2010    for the first time an attempt to bind and connect those events was imagined even if not implemented  -To this end  a first main  wsf process initiative is inviting organizers of events to exchange while respecting their autonomy and having them discuss the methodology and  cross participation  and own it through highlighted examples This would mean more tribute to the wsf process from the organizations acknowledging and locating their contacts and interaction  and  activities inside wsf process  - follow up dialogue – preparation of action– and more outreach technique around each  organizations
    • initaitives to exchange about how initiatives  can be well build and successful can be inside perimeter C
    • initiative to promote inclusion of wsf process in organisations strategy  can be inside perimeter C


    Perimeter E
    • – process 2008 world week of action – in fact many actions were dialogic activities  and demonstrations - this would mean more organisation communicating explicitly on  their participation in wsf process during  some public action  or locating those actions inside wsf process ( strike occupation boycotts street interaction with population votes etc)  - Formal linkage of public  actions with WSF  maybe polarizing as discussion can accomodate easily divergences  while action implies more  convergences

      • Example -  actions for lowering tuition fees in quebec – demonstration against war in iraq  -– action against  expulsions in spain - blockade of ECB in frankfurt Surrounding of parliament by some 15M groups - these are more or less symbolic actions in the public space
      • initiaitive(s) to exchange about how campaigns and struggles are successful can be inside perimeter C