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FAQ about the form V3 


Where is the form?

link to the active online form can be accessed  on that overview page :

a text version of the form is available in three languages


What is the purpose of circulating this form?

This form is to collect opinions  about the possible changes to be made in the international council of WSF after 12 years of existence, and given experience accumulated from  Porto Alegre WSF2001 to Tunis WSf2013  and through 31 international council meetings held in 4 continents


How has this form been designed . And who is circulating it and colecting answers?

This "explore IC" form is a draft designed in a working group by the IC formed in tunis on april 1st - this group G2 has a scope and mailing list accessible 

on it . Collection and interpretation of answers ( explorations ) is made inside this group G2 in a first phase


Who is supposed to fill up this form "exploration about IC" ?

anyone who is interested enough in wsf process "governance" and in evolution of IC  to the point of spending  45 minutes in exploring his/her opinions about ic through this questionnaire - One has to keep in mind that this questionnaire may require a certain level of familiarity with history of ic -

This questionnaire is not about governance of wsf process "in general", even if there are some opening towards  larger problematics

IC is a body that is self instituted to somehow care about wsf process, and so far its legitimacy  s in doing so is not frontally questionnedby wsf particpant, and outsiders of wsf process are indifferent 


How to identify oneself  ?

leave your contacts,  give clear reference to organization you are linked with in your social forum expreience if any,  and give your forum experience - stating your level of contribution - participant volunteer activity organizer event co organiser etc

in a first phase inside group G2 this part is not very important


How to fill  up that form ?

click on the link  - then go through  the form It is a "google form" 

when the answers are with circles, you have to select one only ,

when the proposed answers are with squares, you can select several answers

when there is a grid, you have select one of the circle   on each line ( the meaning of each circle is indicated on top of the grid

at the bottom of the form there is a “submit” button  - only when you click on it are your answers taken into account


Do I have to go through all the questions?

apart the identification no question is required , you can skip those you do not want to answer/ are not clear for you, of course we advise to answer them all


Is there an overview of the 15 questions?

Overview is here  http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-consultation-form-question-overview

A list of questions wth proposed answers is visible here : http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-form-input-item-list

: complete text is here :  http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-form-input1-complements - it also contains complements in blue tables that are not in the form


What are the ideas reflected in the proposed answers?

In several questions there is a set of answers reflecting " existing " IC and  some possible  alternatives(see description)  of IC self reform -  these changes/alternatives are just as mind provokers and you can nuance them in your comments or decide to make "other answers" - selecting the last proposed answer  -


What if i do not find something matching my views in the proposed answer to a question?

At the end of the proposed array of answers there is a " another answer" option that you can select and in this case you are invited to draft a comment in the comment box of this question - this comment will be considered your answer

So,  using the "other answer"   you can develop any conception and not go by the answers proposed -which are overtly as "mind provokers" focused around certain possibilities of changes  in IC 


How much time do I need to fill it up properly?

Three minutes in average per each 15 question is a comfortable time, 45 minutes, which also allows also drafting comments  in several of those questions


Is the form available in other languages?

a spanish and french translations are being prepared


How will my answers be collected ?

once you click on submit at the bottom of the form, your answers are copied in a gread spreadsheet with columns being answers/questions and each set of answer being a line

your answers are automatically assembled into a short text the "explore report" which is listing the 15 question titles and a shortname for the various answers you have selected for each questions - you are sent this explore report  and it will be also be available in an anonimized format on line  

see the explore reports here    first explorations and the list of answer short names form item list    with the complete answer text next to it


Can I reedit my answers?

yes you can !  after clicking on submit there is a feedback message that gives you access to a "reedit link"

you can copy this link somewhere  and keep it to reuse it to complete reedit your answer

please note that if you give this link to somebody else this person will be editing in your line


How will the answers be processed?

for each topic of concern, some answers to some question are relevant

So it is possible to trace, in the answer spreadsheet, all the lines  where certain answers to certain questions were given

Also it is possible to trace, in the answer spreadsheet, the lines  were some word appear in some comment box  etc…

 search of certain rating ( Q1 Q2 Q12 Q13 Q14 ) and Search  of certain answer short names  can be made through all the answers  and be combined  - to reflect certain problemactics of the future IC discussion     first explorations  


How is the discussion in group G2 progressing with the questionnaire 

a first target is having most of people in G2 explore the form and give their answers and socialize the answers as they come and make som comparisons   


Are the answers made public?

the answers can be made public, and will be anonimized


What maybe the follow up for me ?

Your comments on this questionnaire will sustain discussion in G2  towards a final questionnaire - You are welcome in this discussion
IN question 15, You can indicate your willingness to cooperate with other on line on exploring further certain points of alternative  to existing IC