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This page is showing   5 possible CHANGES that are used as "mind provokers" in the exploration 3 questionnaire

Left  is a diagram about existing IC with double aspect  

  • basic internal operation ( blue  area)  with liaison group /wsf office ) and working groups ( such as G1 G2 G3)
  • support of wsf process area ( pink  area) with- commissions) with  working groups 

Right is a diagram about possible IC with same double aspects, where certain CHANGES from left diagram are proposed to adress challenges > Challenges

  • CHANGE 1 :dual membership including independents presented by organisations- > Dualmembership
  • CHANGE 2 : (blue area)  structural groups replacing liaison group and some commissions  and clearly separated from funcionnal groups  >structural /functionnal groups ( IC MEMBERSHIP- IC MEETING AGENDA – IC EVALUATION – IC MEETING RESOURCES – IC MEETING EXTENSION - IC WSF CONTRIBUTION REVIEW – IC MEETING FOLLOW UP)
  • CHANGE 3 :(pink area)  functional review groups   replacing commissions (communication commission is split into more groups ) and focused on updating a workplan , involving the contributive groups  (EXPANSION STRATEGY RESOURCES METHODOLOGY CONTENT and ORGANIZERS EXPERIENCE PARTICIPANT EXPERIENCE MEDIA EXPERIENCE NON PARTICIPANTS OUTREACH )
  • CHANGE 4: a mutual wsf contribution review is performed in each ic meeting
  • CHANGE 5 :inclusive contributive groups (open to non members) in charge of implementing the workplan updated by functionnal groups > Possible working groups
  • and  with wsf office supported by Organizing committee of next WSF event(s) (discussed in Tunis)


    Existing  IC                                                                                 Possible  IC/CI


    view the images in greater scale 


    existing IC



    possible IC