• cifuturG2 input1 political considerations

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Current IC can be viewed in a minimalistic way as a sort of “WSF stakeholder political club”, where organizations having stake in this WSF process, through repeated declarations and participations,  come and share views, check how the others feel,  and  refresh a “political pact” to minimally cooperate to go on with this  process, assuming they are together a critical mass for making the process viable or unviable 

This is understandable, but in the long run this "minimal IC agenda" is not up to sustaining the potential dynamics of the wsf process

Political agreement of IC members to go on with the WSF is certainly a requisite, but is not contributive enough to a better process 


EXAMPLES OF POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS ! we could collect a list of what IC memebers call political discussions - could we define a list of topics and recall some historical ones?

EXAMPLE OF POLITICAL DECISIONS we could collect a list of what IC members  call political decisions?  Concrete historic examples that we have lived together in the history of IC . So we can exchange more in depth concretely