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"Participation4 in IC" - some comments

  • "Participation4" means that any organization having been present at least once in the last 4 meetings (including the present one)  is considered active in IC this is the orange curve with  reversible departure :  about  70 organisations after a peak of 100 in 2009 (downward effect of dhaka  exceptionnaly low figure, for a first IC in asia in 7 years -  needs to be taken into account)  ( download data
  • when the "participation4" figure goes down to Zero - then the organization maybe considered "out"  - this is the blue curve with irréversible departure about 50 "steady" members now after a peak of 80 steady members in 2003-2005
  • the red curve is the "office recorded presence" in IC meeting ( with one dakar 2010 un ocumented presence and dhaka 2011,  and monastir 2012 which have been partially redocumented and need to be more accurate)
  • if a rule that "4 consecutive presence in IC meetings mean loosing membership" would be respected strictly,  then around 25 organisations currently "active" because they reappeared in later meetings could have been replaced by other ones, (assuming the  inclusion process was active  and attractive ) 
     it seems a significant number of organisations have come back after an apparent long absence :  checking concretely there are some organisation having gone down to 0 in earlier days  or in dakar2010 - and with this episode it is better to move to participation 5
  • it is to be noted that basic participation data ( download here) should be cleaned and rechecked ( in particular several italian organizations are appearing once ( cobas fiom focuspuller ..)  ,and some organisation are under present  ( case of ciranda which has a  testified 100% presence in 9 meetings and is registered only 5 times in office data - but the necessary level of accuracy of data is not so important if we consider a "loose" participation4 criteria