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  • english  "WSF IC exploraiton" surveys are in english
  • espanol  las encuestas "exploraciones CI y FSM" estan en ingles ( preguntas - y proximamente  ciertas respuestas -, estan traducidas) se peude responder en espanol
  • francais les questionnaires  "exploration CI FSM" sont en anglais ( les questions et prochainement certains réponses - sont traduites) on peut y repondre en francais


Here is a proposed "menu" of various survey proposals, about WSF process and IC, developed in relation with task of Tunis G2 working group  on IC future in the context of WSF process  (with inputs of group G3) 

  • Surveys, called "explorations",  are ranging from 10 to 45 minutes to fill /conduct- They have few required fields, and it is possible to reedit one 's response -ie polish it . It is possible to see the responses of others

    Each version 1, 2a,  2b, 3  of  WSF and IC "Explorations"  have their  focus , pros and cons,  browse the overview table  in colors (-)(-)(-)(-)(-) - read their questions  and Test them ! ( questions are also in ES and FR)  . You can send your comments  to group G2: mailing list : cifutur-consultations  en  lists.openfsm.net   http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/lists/cifutur-consultations or to the adress : cifutur.consultations in gmail.com


    • explorations made  http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-exploration1~xa0responses-en  

    • statistics  about explorations 1 already made


    • Your name and email Your organisation(s) Have you participated in IC meetings

      Q1- Is WSF process our "common good" ?, and should we, participants in this process, actively care about it ?

      Q2 - As wsf participant, do you feel motivated enough to support this WSF process by means that are within your reach?

      Q3 - As wsf participant, do you feel that WSF world events are a useful "tool" in current context?

      Q4 - Do you feel that a "central body" servicing/facilitating/impulsing wsf process is a necessity ?

      Q5 – if you answered rather yes in question 4, what are the relevant minimal missions of such a central body ?

      Q6 - What role has played IC in the past 5 years ?

      Q7 - What is your perception of desire and motivation in IC members and potential members to change IC ?

      Q8 - Is it possible/desirable to create a dynamics inside IC aiming at "delivering" more than IC has been delivering in the last 5 years?

      Q9 - What are current IC main assets / strengths?

      Q10 - What are IC main problems / weaknesses?

      Q11 - In which directions should a change in IC be worked out, if needed?

      Q12 - Is there enough “political / methodological “ consensus inside IC to move somewhere, or is IC stalled ?

      Q13 - is it possible /relevant that IC dissolves and proposes another frame of facilitation/service for wsf process, without jeopardizing wsf process

      Q14 - is it possible/useful/wise to keep a "minimal" IC afloat at minimal cost ?

      Q15 – Is it be possible/relevant/wise to develop other servicing/facilitating/ipulsing groups with different contributive capacity/profile?

      Q16 - How can a common vision of "what to do ?" be build in and around IC ?