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More Elements about the role and operation of a "WSF process caring community" 

trying to find ideas for series of closed optionnal answers to be included in G2 group consultation


what could be the situation mix during meetings ( give a mix of time in %)

  • a group of organisations representatives  sharing views on alterglobalization and views about wsf event organizing 
    • mode of interaction is "general discussion"
    • output is information about others' views 
  • a group of organisations representatives mutually motivating themselves to participate in a world social forum event every two years and exchanging collectively or individually with wsf event organizing committee  
    • mode of interaction is "question /answers wiht organizing committee of next wsf event"
    • output is a well attended event
  • a group of contributors linked to organizations caring about wsf process and contributing to its vitality and progress through organizing of sf events , organizing of sf process initiatives (other than events) , outreaching for third party participation, and through working groups, decided through discussion betwen them  (see list of events here ,  example of general care working groups and initiatives here in the list of 100 
    • mode of interaction is  reviews  and associated plenary meetings to discuss review output ,
    • output is a dynamic process relevant and effective working groups and sustain of a common vision and dynamics
  • a community  having internal  memeberhship organisaiton through structural groups
    • mode of interaction - "structural group" work and plenary session for normative decision about the process 
    • output is a feeling of efficiency
  • output of  is a more legitimate  and more collectively "owned " and "operated" community

What is the mix of time usage during face to face meetings ( give a mix of time in %) ( to be reformulated)

  • Exchange of views on context and consequence priorities for wsf development
  • Review of contribution of participants to development of the process ( events & initiatives) and recomendations
  • Review of current facilitation working groups scheduling of  Online workplan and allocation of existing resources for them and recomendations
  • Review of methodology issues to be addressed
  • Specitic plenary discussion
  • functionnal groups  operation with corresponding plenary discussion
  • stuctural groups  operation with  corresponding plenary discusion

what are the functional areas of work in the caring body /community

letter A B C D E ;; refer to http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur/cifuturg2-describing-wsf-process

 see the various areas for structural and functionnal groups wsf caring community structural groups+  

  • resource gathering and allocation for operation ( funding  - volonteers -  organization contribution – organizations fees)
  • outreach communication to non participant and media
  • stimulate participant  to improve their dialogic experience
  • build better information and participation tools and protocols
  • develop exchange between event and iniaitive organizers
  • find forms  and protocols adapted to needs
  • expand the process
  • wsf portal improvement
  • others



How many  three days meetings per year on average?

  • 1   2   3
  • systematic  serious extended participation option with local support group ? Yes/no

    Off meeting work of caring body members beyond body related work

    • Sustaining at least one thematic process , or regional process or wsf process initiative
    • other

    Type of dialogue situation during meetings– give proportion

    • % Plenary discussions (with up to 100 interventions max)
    • % Smaller group work (allowing more people to participate)
    • others

    Typical Proportion of online time of participants in relation to face to face time for caring/faciltiating  tasks reviewed defined in meetings 
    -    if face to face time =1  then off meeting time including online time is ?

    Typical Proportion of basic contributive time of participant /organization in relation to caring  time  (meeting + off meeting)
    -    if caring time is 1 then  event-initiative  time is ?



    Criteria for individuals being included in this ” wsf process caring body/community” wiht dual membership

    • being a representative of an organisation complying with certain criteria
    • being presented by 3 member orgnaisations as  individual members (linked to new movements / intuitu personnae)
    • other
  • criteria for organizations being included in this ” wsf process caring body”

    • be a network /federation of at least 10 organizations  
    • be present in 4 countries
    • be present in 2 continents
    • be prominent alterglobalization organization internationally recognized
    • being supported by x already included organizations with announcement of contribution to come
    • others 

    Criteria for being included in this ” wsf process caring body” consensus decision process ( when tense issues)

    • all included participants/members are in the consensus perimeter
  • only organisation mandate representatives are in the consensus perimeter
  • a mix of the two according to situation - at option of 5 organisations

    how to stimulate online working capacity in the meeting participants ?

    • have a contribution review group organize review in parallel of meeting with a 2 hours highligh in the meeting - and giving a status of contributive member as per certain criteria
    • have a decision implementation review - with a 1 hour highlight at the end of the meeting : clarify during meetings who is in which working group defined during discussion and what are the tasks to be performed
    • others


    what are the structural groups that can be used inside this caring body during meetings ?  wsf caring community structural groups+  

    how can the community hold together and operate ?

    • have only assemplies
    • have one secretariat liaison  group  doing all below  
    • have structural  and functionnal ( aka commissions) groups partially renewed each time /with clear protocols
    • have ad hoc groups defined through agenda discussion  

    What are the options  support to participants  volunteers and office  

    •  an office with paid staff located in current upcoming  wsf event localoon servicing above groups in priority
    • a list of staff contributed in kind by organisation with part time dedication to wsf (which can be participants) - regulated by the support
    • ressource review group - giving orientaiton on how tasks are assigned 
    • a mix of the two 
    •  others



    what is the role of caring body participants during meeting?

    • discuss and define forms and ways of the process as per the agenda
    • discuss about the context and needs of the process  as per the agenda 
    • be active in at least one adhoc  inner or mixed group to adress concerns and execute tasks
    • be active in at least one functionnal  group
    • be active in at least one structural group 
    • others

    list up to  5 tasks/ permanent or not working groups /initiatives  that you deem particularly important/useful /interesting for advancement or wsf process - and to which your organisation would contribute

    • pick up  5 scopes of  working groups in the list of 100  that you would be ready to contribute  or add "others"



    list  up to 3 tasks/ permanent or not working groups that you deem  would be better  linked to a unique/main wsfprocess caring  body?

    how is this group community legitimate to wsf process participants?

    • through presence and  influence of prominent actors  - relayed by their constituencies
    • through cooperation with non member of the group willing to contribute to wsf process
    • through relevancy reactivity and efficiency of inputs by working groups and structural groups
    • the community is fully legitimate /relevant for wsf event organizing  and is irradiating to other processes by "examplification"


    how is coherence maintained and combined with autonomy of the various forum processes ?

    • mixed working groups may gather organisers of various events  in all autonomy
    • OE space allows intercommunicaton between events/processes
    • formal consideration of charter of principles as a reference