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    from mestrum on Oct 01, 2013 02:15 PM
    Dear members of working group 2,
    (French and Spanish are following in a minute)
    We have been working for some months now on the preparation of the
    questionnaire around the evaluation and future of the IC. It was not easy,
    as you might have guessed from the divergent messages you received. We
    especially would like to thank Sergio, who took the initiative, and Pierre
    for the enormous amount of work he put into this, but unfortunately, we did
    not come to an agreement. Moreover, we got very  few answers to the
    preliminary 'explorations', which was disappointing.
    We are now launching a simple questionnaire, which we hope will have some
    more success. Please do answer it, it will not take more than 5 minutes of
    your precious time.
    Next to this questionnaire, we will organize a series of in-depth interviews
    with members and non members of the IC.
    We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this discussion and
    participated in the first attempts of making a questionnaire.
    Let us hope to receive a significant number of answers now. 
    Francine, Gina, Giu 
    IC & WSF Explorations
    1. How many IC meetings have you personally attended?
    1b. How many IC meetings has your organisation attended? 
    1c. When was the first meeting attended by your organisation?
    1d. When was the last meeting attended by your organisation?
    2. What best would represent according to you the mandate/tasks of the IC?
    (choose as many as you prefer)
    o       a. Decide place and date of WSF events
    o       b. Practical preparation of WSF events (together with local
    organizing committee)
    o       c. Political preparation of WSF event (together with local
    organizing committee)
    o       d. (Co-)organizing activities on occasion of WSF events (next to
    self-organized activities)
    o       e. Discussion of global political situation in order to improve the
    political relevance of WSF events
    o       f. Facilitating connections between activities in social forum
    o       g. Facilitating relationships between activities in WSF events and
    those in national or thematic social forum events
    o       h. Facilitating the agglutination/convergence processes in social
    forum events
    o       j. Developing communication strategies in and about the IC
    o       k. Discussion methodology of WSF process and event(s)
    o       l. Providing resources for WSF events and process
    o       m. Monitoring financial resources for WSF events and process
    o       n. Promoting the geographical expansion of WSF process and events
    o       Other: Please specify: 
    3. What would you consider to best represent the values, attitudes and
    behaviours of the IC members? (choose as many as you prefer)
    o       a. Commitment to the WSF Charter
    o       b. Commitment to the WSF process
    o       c. Financial contribution to the IC process
    o       d. Financial contribution to IC meetings
    o       Other. Please specify: 
    4. How could the IC tasks be fulfilled? (choose as many as you prefer)
    o       a. By nominating members to smaller working groups for work linked
    to the IC process (former 'liaison' group, organizing meetings, making
    agenda, etc.)
    o       b. By full member participation in IC operation without resorting to
    a central coordinating group
    o       c. By setting up at least one working group that reviews the WS
    process and makes recommendations to the IC
    o       d. By setting up working groups  engaging non IC members and aiming
    at supporting /developing the WSF process
    o       Other: Please specify
    5. What are your thoughts about the IC membership?
    o       It should remain as it is
    o       It should be expanded further 
    o       it should be limited to active members
    o       It should include mechanisms of rotation of its members
    o       Other, Please specify
    6. How could the IC memberships be expanded?
    o       According to the current guidelines
    o       Include individuals in their personal capacity
    o       Include organizers of previous WSF events in personal capacity 
    o        A mix of the above
    o       Other. Please specify
    7.  How should the IC take its decisions?
    o       Consensus in all cases 
    o       Majority votes in cases of deadlocks 
    o       Other. Please specify:
    8. As IC member,which tasks would you preferably commit yourself to?
    o       a. Work in IC working groups during IC meetings 
    o       b. Work in IC working groups online between meetings
    o       d. Contribute to general discussions during IC plenary discussions
    o       Other. Please specify.