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  • Caring Commission reform blueprint

    from chris on Nov 01, 2013 10:03 AM
    Pierre & colleagues
    I am suitably impressed with the thoroughness and completeness of the 106 actions proposed in the blueprint, 'cifuturG2 possible working groups to care about wsf process'.  Have you a clear view for the 'next step'?
    For me, I wouldn't know where the greatest need is, where my skills/ deficiencies would point, and what collective effort is needed to make an impact in all 106 areas.  Wow, what a list.
    My first thought would be to WSF people who I have collaborated with, in the past.  Zarel, Yoshihide and, of course, the 'too few' stalwarts of IC.
    A sequence of mutual appreciation & encouragement sessions, with critical and caring guidance, seems appropriate and fitting for the group's proposed name.
    Observing the current Agora_99 activity is helpful for me, as our 'caringness' seems in short supply amongst these other, newer forms of social mobilisation and convergence.
    I await the thoughts (and caring guidance) of others