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Belem Expanded: enlarging participation in the WSF 2009

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The 2009 edition of World Social Forum, that will happen from January 27th to February 1st in Belem (state of Para, Brazil), opens a new way of participation for movements, entities and civil society organisations that won't be able to come to the centralized event and want to express their active participation in the wsf process. The WSF International Council issued the following invitation:

The Global action day of 2008 started a dynamics of activities of various type towards another possible world in all the regions of the world, expanding the forum proposal.

From this experience, it was assessed that in 2009 decentralized activities linked to the forum event held in Amazonia could also be stimulated.

This has the advantage to impulse the mobilization towards Belem, and, at the same time :
- promote decentralized participation in Belem activities
- give a higher profile to debates and proposals stemming from these activities
- favour the assimilation and adaptation of these proposals by organisations and citizens of the world
- multiply initiatives of participation in the forum process, at local, national, regional, and thematic levels.

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