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Indigenous Voices


EN - we are ... ES Somos
FR Nous sommes
PT Somos

link to our space 
lazo hacia nuestro espacio 
lien vers notre espace
linke ate o nosso espaço

EN- our activity in WSF2009
ES Nuestra actividad en FSM 2009
FR Notre activité dans FSM 2009
PT nossa atividade no FSM 2009
see internet right workshop  we did with Guatemala - we expect to do something similar with belem

Americas Social Forum, October 2008, Guatemala City, Guatemala

EN- our partner ES nuestra contraparte
FR notre partenaire
PT nosso parceiro

EN our connection
ES Nuestra connexion
FR notre connexion
PT nossa connexao

EN our BE form
ES nuestra ficha  BE
FR notre fiche BE
PT nossa ficha BE

link to belem expanded common space
lazo con espacio comun belem expandida
lien vers espace commun belem étendue
linke ate espaço comum belem expandida

return to BE list regreso a lista BE retour vers liste BE voltar a lista BE


The Internet Rights Workshop

The Internet Rights Workshop is an organizing tool developed by May First/People Link to develop our skills in participatory democracy and build a consensus on the rights we should be fighting for on the Internet. The workshop is politically grounded in the Organic Internet.


The Internet is humanity's most explosive and effective form of collaboration, born as we seek a new era of social organization based on justice and respect. To get there, we must be able to make decisions collaboratively. This workshop uses Internet technology as a collaborative tool to write an Internet Declaration of Rights. Using a local network, small groups write, edit and endorse rights in constant, dynamic collaboration with the other groups. The result is a document for organizing and a unique and exciting experience in the chaos, creativity and power of collaborative democracy.


You may also be interested in a more detailed specification of the workshop