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last modified October 6, 2008 by facilitfsm

you can do this yourself ( see instruction below) , and it if it looks too complicated .....just ask us to do it for you  (send a message on the mailing list)


go to

you log in the site,

go to that page,

put in "edit" mode

click on H line ,

(if you use internet explorer it may not work then tell us)

click on a little triangle that will appear in the cell of X and this inserts a new line , you type "xabcd"  the name of your city

then you go at the bottom of the table and type :  fsm2009 haifa between DOUBLE parentheses )) and ((
then you save (at the bottom of the page)

then when you read again,

you see a red line with  "fsm2009 xabcd+",

you click on it, it leads you to the new page you have created

you describe what you want in that page , and save it (at the bottom of the page) t

then go back to

here put in edit mode,

select the word Xabcd ,

then click on "link" at the top of the edit window on the left,

then click on fsm2009 Xabcd  in the windows that appears 

then save