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    from JLauterbach on Dec 21, 2008 08:20 PM
    same with us:
    "Stuttgart Open Fair 2009" would like to reseve a timeslot for direct connection between
    - Belem Hall
    - Stuttgart city centre, public tv-screen (LED 12 - 24 sqm) in a civil society "market" with infostands etc. 
    Date: Saturday 31. January
    Time. 12 - 16.30 european winter time (I guess thats 8.00 - 12.30 Belem time), we are planning to have  3 live-transmission slots of 15 - 30 min within the main programm (speeches, music, films)
    We will have people in Belem who will conenct with us, with soem luck we will also have a film-team with camera who can help, if its possible to get a standing telephone ISDN connection (recoomendation from our technicians here) thatwould beg reat, otherwise we coudl aso use a skype conenciton
    Whats the difference between, skype, teleconference, and skype publico? Does skype publico mean that there is part of the WSF visible? that would be nice to show some of the live activities around ...
    Thanks for setting this up, it is a great opportunity!
    Johannes Lauterbach
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      Aix-en-Provence souhaite réserver un moment de connexion :
      le samedi 31 Janvier 2009, entre
      - le Hall à Belém
      - le centre de notre ville, en présence de la foule et des media
      -à 16 h heure française, ce qui doit faire 12 h heure de Belém ?
      Aix-en-Provence wishes to  establish the following real-tim connection, and book the time-slot :
      on Saturday 31 January 2009, between,
      -The Hall in Belem, and
      -our City center (in the presence of crowd and media)
      -at 16:00 French time, I think it would be 12:00 in Belem ?
       I have tried -but unsucessful- to turn into edit mode the page http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm2009interconexoes/planningbelex
      So, could you please book this time slot for us ? Thank you !
      Best wishes
      PS : I copy to David who is arranging an earlier and different connection.
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