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Approximately 100 radios where involved – directly or through the Amarc, Panos, Radio Forum and other networks. Some covered events live, others contacted people in different places around the world, giving an idea of the international dimension. A common jingle was created and adapted in different languages. The Amarc and Radio forum websites collected transmissions and did streaming as well. A “clocked” radio starting in Asia and unfolding during the event was broadcasted on satellite (mir radio net).

- Build up the radio working group from the commission, including as many radio networks as possible
This medium has a very high potential and should be a central element of the communication/media strategy
- Develop the radio forum before, during and after Belem 2009
- Start a more specific www.wsfradio.net site [to be discussed]


this group is moving most of its activities to the fsm2009 forum de radio to be created   ( see the geography of working groups )
what remains in the process focus for the next monthes for people not in belem ?  a permanent site ?

see the web site : http://www.foroderadios.org/