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Comcom online (weekly) meetings - chat semanal - chat hebdomadaire  - chat semanal

 Summary minutes  titled  with  successive inputs gathered Notes and focus
 Resumen Minutas tituladas y con insumos seguidos agrupadas
Notas y enfoque
Minutes  avec titre et regrouprment des inputs successifs
  Relato cs 22 oct 08 ( Thiago ) ES
  minutes cs 22 Oct 08 (Pierre) ES
 reviewing of - revision de- examen de  comcom groups directory  (1) 
     reviewing of - revision de- examen de  comcom groups directory  (2)
relato cs 05 nov 08 PT-EN

infrastructure, budget, shared projects and other issues
relato cs 12 nov 08 PT-EN

report com chat 17 dec 2008

report com chat 07 jan 2008

minutes cs 25 Feb09 Pierre EN

report cs 27 mayo 09
minutas cs 27 mayo 09 Pierre ES
organisacion de contactos post rabat - documentos post rabat  - grupo de trabajo "esqueleto de proyecto 2010"  -chat de intercambio /deliberativo
report cs 3 junio 09

report cs 10 junio 09
minutas cs 10 junio 09  
comentando una propuesta concreta para organizar acercamiento  con 62 organizaciones , antes o despues de avanzar en organizacion de grupos comcom ?
report cs 17 junio 09

minutas cs 17 junio 09

intercambios sobre varios puntos relativos a grupos - intercambio sobre como hacer decisiones en comcom

minutas cs 24 junio 09
advancing on naming facilitators

minutas cs 1 julio 09
planning for presenting group projects and crossing them - presentation of an "oral" component for memory

minutas cs 8 julio 09  
group status  on all groups except translation ressources and other languages -

minutas cs 15 julio 09
not much new

minutas cs 17 sept 09


exchange on the new mode of action of comcom in 2010 context - need for meeting before montréal

report cs 22 oct 09
minutes cs 22 oct 09 2Oth discussion of com plan discussion protocol
21st discussion on  seminar and on alternate media part - strengthening policy facet

minutes cs 29 oct 09
deciding the agenda,  going on mainstream media , starting on participation group

minutes cs 4 nov 09
discussing about  comcom organization to define design support and maintain comcom related websites

minutes cs 11 nov 09
discussing part 1 of plan - translation of bulletin in arabic and hindi -  exchange of views about portal  wsf site work - preparing a tech meeting

minutes cs 18 nov 09
commenting the dakar seminar

 link to wsfssc minutes
starting tech meeting  -group will be collaborating in wsfssc space

minutes cs 2 dec

minutes cs 9 dec

minutes cs 16 dec

memo 6th jan 2010
minutes cs 6 jan
miscellaneous - moving to tuesdays

minutes cs 13 jan+

minutes cs 20 jan+

minutes cs 2 feb

minutes cs 2 mar

minutes cs 16th march

minutes cs 17th march
in a wsfssc chat
summary cs 31st march
minutes cs 31st march

minutes cs 1 sept