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Discussion about methods and content of the agenda of possible may 24th comcom meeting in paris


1  input 1: a  first view starting from where we are

2 input 2 :a view in three parts with cutture and political goals 

3 input3 : a comment on view 2  part 1 administration? 

4  input 3 : a comment on view 2 part culture and political goals

5  input 4 : modificaiton of view 2changing order of parts 

6 input 5 :a view following on input 1  and discussions - introduction

7 input 5:a view following on input 1 5 parts genda 

8  input 5 introduccion en castellano  (cf#6)

9  input 5  propuesta de agenda 5partes  en castellano (cf#7) 

10 input 6 : in  support of input 5  10


Input 1 on agenda

here is  a first  input on agenda

Agenda  of 24th  and 25th could be simply enough  structured reviewing  our working plan (*)  defined in october 2010

The drafting of this document  has an history, and the result  is a handy and meaningful basis to make evaluation of where we are and how we work into 2011-12

- First we could  review it on 24th and deal with the itchy points we encounter (**) and define some udpates tasks

- And we  could review  again  on the 25th with a more listening attitude  ( inclusion of new actors and  also  proactiveness towards  IC  agenda and IC members involvement  )

An ingredient to consider for 25th is the existence or not of an "intercommission time " - as we said we would ask for one  -

in that case which commission would we want to meet  in priority ?  or do we suggest to an "ambassador" session , where each commission sends "ambassadors" to  the others meeting  with messages about points to cooperate on - this would allow a complete coverage of itnercommission issues

(*) As  mentionned in the comcom chat this document is  a 9 page text which gives a good view to newcomers (we  can make copies of it to be handed to people coming on 24th and 25th ( commission day) )
so reveiwing the work plan is an inclusive protocol

(**) the review /update could be made having in mind the questions mentionned on the "LG Commission meeting preparation sheet "
This page is inviting to explicit content of our agenda of our 25th meeting prepared by 24th meeting


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Input 2 on agenda  

We have found  the venue! this is a great piece of our logistical tasks. Is it possible to procure paper and markers as well? Or perhaps a projector? Just one method for display is enough.

here listed and described the broad sections of May 24th that we've come up with so far in two some conversations.

* Administration: overviews, evaluations, and reports, such as a financial report. Discussions might include facilitation of the Comm Comm, funding needs, etc. etc. This would be a great place to review our past work plan. ( two facilitators)

* Culture Commission (one faciltator) gather support from Communications Commission, the former home of Culture, to restructure its position within the IC as its own Commission.

* Political Goals and Work Plan (one facilitator ) outlining goals for 2013 then creating tasks and a timeline to reach those goals.

 the person assigned to each item should present a sub-agenda and also be responsible for facilitating that portion of the meeting. The first item most definitely will require two people due to the sheer amount of gathering of documents that is necessary.

As for the 25th, it was incredibly effective in Mexico to do the ambassador approach in each commission. I strongly feel that this will be the best way to show that we've accomplished unity and a forceful plan for the coming years inside our own commission. Plus, this might also empower us in our meeting on the 24th to address larger IC issues that we can then suggest in the commissions on the following day. What do others think?

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Input 3 commenting proposal made in input 

We only have 1 day with few hours and don't really know who will participate on the 24th. 
We have also not been preparing the discussion on strategy emerging from the meetings in Dakar, but especially from all the work done last year, which resulted in a document with various contributions - the most discussed and consensed on up to now.

My worry is that unless we have a very clear objective for the meeting and that we also prepare and propose how to work during the IC, we will get even more frustrated by the things we don't discuss and have a good agreement on in order to work on a feasable and realistic workplan for the next 2 years - which, I remind you, will be scarse both of resources and of a general framework coming from the IC, now, more than ever, really weak. 

 Put on top of this the fact that the wsf office might have serious problems to continue to work (and the little cooperation slowly and with great effort achieved in the last year -- still a long way from solving the issue of roles and competences -- might vanish unless we really try to make one team, comcom and office staff dedicated to communication).

So coming to the meeting agenda:

We should start reviewing what we've done.  Now this is not "administration": the document we drafted together (http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/communication-commission-draft-plan-v.01) contains most things we've been discussing about and was thought out as post-Dakar.

We should at least have an idea of what the general plan for 2010 was and how much we were able to actually "execute"  -- what were the main obstacles, both internal and external (see: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/working-groups-project-proposals-2010 and especially the project that was presented to and funded by Oxfam Novib: http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/working-groups-project-proposals-2010/projetofsm2009final.pdf).  Please take the time to have a look if you haven't done it previously.

We should discuss  the financial report and  not only how to find resources in the future, but also how to better decide on their use and who takes responsabilities.  As well as what contribution the organisations behind each one of us (thus not just as individuals) can offer and share: we cannot go on with the little involvement from bigger networks as well as real organisations and act as just a group of individuals - I put myself here as well, since my efforts to bring more people and support from Social Watch have not really been successful (except during events).

If we also get into the discussion of facilitation of the comcom, working groups, (re-)organisation, accountability, itchy issues (: relationship with the Office, with the other commissions, the "tech" group, the "memory" group, etc.) I don't think one day is enough - nor a week for that matter.  I do think we need to talk about all these issues, but having sorted out the basics of where we are and what our expectations and commitments are.

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Input 3 commenting on input 2 (continued ) 

So for the next two points you propose:

* Culture Commission : gather support from Communications Commission, the former home of Culture, to restructure its position within the IC as its own Commission.

On the Culture Commission,  it should be discussed as one of the main points in our communication strategy meeting, for 2 reasons:
- it's not the role of a commission as such to lobby for the creation of another.  It is up to IC members to do that - and I'm willing to be part of a group that takes up that discussion to make a clear proposal
- inside comcom there has been a space opened to promote the artistic / transformative / transculturale / knowledge / youth involvement dimensions, but it has not been facilitated or animated.
A small budget was reserved but not spent.  In a sense it has been a suggestive potential part to develop, but had no group building or plan of action (besides the proposal of a cd of music, but maybe that is a but limited and could be a "product" at the end of a process involving several wsf related groups.)  I don't absolutely want to imply anything here - just saying that the space is there, it needs to be occupied and cultivated.  Or separated, if you wish.  But it is not because it wasn't "accepted" by anyone.  On the contrary.

* Political Goals and Work Plan outlining goals for 2013 then creating tasks and a timeline to reach those goals.

 why separate this part of the discussion from the first one?  What are "political goals" (those should be defined by the IC)?.  We need to work on strategic goals and how to actually involve IC members and other organisations in working on communication in all its dimensions.  With concrete proposals (tasks and timeline).  And not just for 2013, but for this and next year as well. 

As a matter of fact, in Paris there will be no decision on 2013, but a debate on where it might be.  Our really difficult task, as in the past, is when there is a "void" of 2 years and a very loose process that has to find ways to remain visible and multiply / strenghten it's long distance, multi-issue, transculturale, babelistic relations, with no clear "political goals", no structure (or a dissolving one), and very little support.  Mission impossible...
please,  be more explicit - maybe I just misunderstood

Finally (I really wanted to write a quick remark, but the more I think about it there the more things pop out that we should be talking about and if we were serious we'd meet on skype twice a week before Paris), I think that if we propose the "ambassador" approach to other commissions on the 25th, we should go prepared for that, ie take what came out from Mexico (we had some tables, questions, proposals, etc - did we post them anywhere?) and send it before hand to the whole IC list, proposing to work on it in such a way to move forward.
Do we think we can do it?

PS: this discussion on agenda is crucial and  it should be opened to the comcom list asap...

input 4 : agenda proposal in 3 parts

Hi, folks-

I'll try to get us back on track as this is still a very important meeting.
Based on suggestions by email, since it's been difficult for us all to find extra time online with one another,
I've modified the agenda and added some points.
If you have suggestions, reactions, or preoccupations, please modify the agenda points succinctly and reply back to everyone with your modified agenda. Append your reasons and further explanation at the end of the email if they're necessary.

MORNING SESSION: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Political Goals and Work Plan between now and 2013 (one person facilitating):
* outline goals
* create tasks and a timeline to reach those goals


FIRST AFTERNOON SESSION: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Commission on Culture (one person facilitating):
* history, funding, reviewing current structure
* restructure Culture's position within the IC

Administration (three person faclitating):
* reviewing the work plan
* reviewing 2010 and evaluation
* financial report.

* facilitation of the Comm Comm

What is still needed is confirmation on the final item regarding Administration that the three facilitators can all work on together to use that time to present the items in the sub-list, or possibly other items that do not yet appear in the sub-list (add them!).

Preparation for the IC meeting and our "ambassador approach" should be done after this meeting; perhaps over dinner. Because, we just don't have the time to fit it all in!

Remember that last time, we used Comm Comm agenda time to present these questions to the various commissions. We don't necessarily have to be prepared to report to them and we may not have the opportunity either because the commissions will have their own agendas. Rather, we might consider doing an evaluation of the commission meetings that we attend and do a report-back to the larger Comm Comm regarding our experience.

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Input 5  introduction

 Hi everyone

There has been two streams of discussion related to agenda discussion 


J agenda discussion about working plan and policies inputs from jason mallory dan thais norma rita pierre

·         K agenda discusion about  time  about culture input from dan jason pierre

In Florence  4 years ago we had a lot more time  two or three days and  ason had made a plan document which was substantially  discussed modified during the meeting  -

There is a diversity of vision, experience,  and words and expectations  towards this meeting This has been a reccuring problems in our ic encounters which we have not prepared enough in general  - and we need to take stock of this reality

This time we are doing with more anticipation a discussion on the  agenda of a full day together - it is the  first time in 4 years , outside of the time left for commission  during an ic

So we need to accept the differences, listen to each other  and we   need to keep linked to our common practices and identify of comcom participants before spend tme into conceptual discussions

We can  arrange an agenda designed to hear each other carefully first  using the frame we are currently in , and, based on  this,   design on the spot,  at the end of the morning,  a list of 3 to 5 hot topics to be discussed in more depth in  the afternoon , and much more  topics censed for later dicsussion inside comcom, starting on next day 25th

This list of 3 to 5 topic would  emerge at the end of a  intensive morning session  based on two expression moments without much discussion  - expressing and listening and not debating 


  • The start of the  proposed agenda minimizes need for "substance"  faciltation , it is mainly   time keeping    and  notetakers on paper sheet and on itnernet etherpad  -
  • when there is "substance facilitation" needed  ( at the end of the morning in the afternoon)  we need to define  two facilitators  (as is practice in IC) and not one   - note this is a general necesstiy in my opinon that should apply to any agenda proposal

This agenda proposal  is taking stock of discussions up to now 
It not precluding of what will the 5 hot topics emerging of an intensive experssion and listing moment
It is  trying to  adress pragmatically the challenge of making the best of the time we can spend together , given comcom  history  and individual diversity of approaches and vocabulary

Feedbacks welcome  ! 

Input 5 (continued) Agenda Proposal 

_________________________PROPOSED  AGENDA ____________________________

PART 1-9h-10h  REVIEW OF  PARTICPANTS VISIONS EXPECTATIONS (  faciltiation :  time keeping  and notetaking )

a  moment  of expressing vision and expectation of each participant ( as we did in mexico somehow ) 
3mn by 20  person with a simple set of questions  - no dicsussion  but listing the points  - it would be good to have written ansswer before the meeting  to accelerate and docment this

  •  what is comcom for me?
  •  what are  possibilities and duties linked to being an active participant in comcom
  •  how can comcom  operate inside wsf process at large, for the progress of this process
  •  what are the notion i  use when answering the first three points
  •  what are the topics i want  to  discuss in more depth
  • what are the review item points (see bottom of mesage) for which i propose to be exposing person

PART 2  10h12h   REVIEW OF OUR CURRENT WORKPLAN DOCUMENT -(  facilitation : time keeping  - avoiding pingponginxx - and notetaking )

what comes out of  going together - rapidly - through a common asset which is our "official" workplan to ressource commisison  in a limited time with equitative treatment of each poiint

Limiting to 2mn exposure by one  participant and censing  feedbacks and request  of the other for deeper discussio or complement info - no ping pong discussion  - goal is to have maximum expression density

The exposure participant is among  the facilitators of project when the item is a project and among interested person for general paragraphs (this  has been expressed in part I )

During this  intensive document review session ,  objective is to  update our visions a bit over all aspects of our current announced plan,  and  speak concretely and not abstractely,  and to  raise new  topics  we want to discuss more in depth in the afternoon and beyond

in parallel  note taker  collect on paper shett and etherpad  ?   and also point out the references to the calendar  and gather in some categories

  • related to vision of what we are and what we do  - terminology - fundamentals - vision - vocabulary - identity
  • related  ot our modes of operation inside comcom
  • concrete cooperation issue suggestion with existing group in  ongoing dynamics
  • why how  did not we act as we said ? what can be done?
  • new topics /faciliation initiative to open
  • related to wsf calendar ( specifc time line  on, paper sheet )
  • related to next day meeting
  • related to practical  update of document

PART 3 - 12-13h  DEFINE AN AGENDA FOR  THE AFTERNOON  ( faciltiation : two people xx plus notetaking )

Goal : review the classification of  list of topics raised during the morning  discussion and  formulate colectively 3 to 5  topics we want to discuss ,  of possible from various  categore  of topics
keeping the others for future dicsussion, the next day 25th face to face , and then on line

13h -14h30  MEAL

PART 4  - 14h30 - 17h 30   with  a mid time 30mn pause DISCUSS THE LIST OF 3 to 5 AGREED TOPICS -
( faciltiators : idea : it is not the people who mainly   raised the issu that faciltate its discussion )
defining  follow up tasks and planning ,which include udpating the document

if a topic related to culture emerges from the discussion it will be 30Mn  in the afternoon , if none , then covefrage of culture topic will be 5mn in the review part 2 point 3-6

17h30 18h00  pause

PART 5   - 18h00- 19H  PREPARE 25TH  meetings - (faciltiation : two people + notetaking )

Based on what has been achieved in the day
Preparing the next day meeting and the ambassadors session if any
Need to clarify with LG about proposing exchange of ambasadors in the 25th agenda
name ambassadors

insumo 5 - presentacion en castellano

Hola a tod@s

Ha habido dos corrientes de debate relacionados con la agenda de discusión

· J discusión sobre la agenda de la réunion con insumos sobre relacion es entre plan de trabajo las políticas de comcom de Mallory jason dan thais norma rita-Pierre

· K discusion sobre la agenda de la réunion relativemente al asunto de cultura de dan jason pierre

En Florencia, hace 4 años hemos tenido mucho más tiempo dos o tres días y jason había hecho un documento que se discutió y modifico sustancialmente durante la reunión -

Hay una diversidad de visión, experiencia, y las palabras y las expectativas hacia esta reunión . Esto ha sido un problema recurrente en nuestros encuentros al momento de los CI que no hemos preparado lo suficiente, en general - y tenemos que tomar en cuenta esta realidad

Esta vez, estamos haciendo con más anticipación un debate sobre la agenda de un día entero - seria la primera vez en 4 años, fuera del tiempo que queda para la comisión durante un CI, pero no sabemos cuantos estaremos en paris , porque no hay un foro con el CI

En lo general tenemos que aceptar las diferencias, escucharse uno al otro y seguir vinculados a nuestras prácticas comunes y identidad de participante antes de pasar dedicar tiempo en discusiones conceptuales sueltas

Podemos organizar una agenda diseñada para primero escucharse uno a otro con cuidado , usando el marco de presentacion donde nos encontramos, y, en base a esto, formular/elegir al final de la mañana, una lista de 3 a 5 temas candentes que se discutirán en mayor profundidad en la tarde, y mucho más temas censados para dicsussion más tarde en el interior comcom, comenzando en el día próximo día 25

Esta lista de 3 a 5 temas surgirian al final de una sesión de la mañana intensiva basada en dos momentos de expresión sin mucha discusión - expresando y escuchando y sin debatir


El inicio de la agenda propuesta minimiza la necesidad de faciltation en production colectiva de "sustancia", se trata principalmente de tiempo y de tomadores de notas en la hoja de papel y talvez en intnernet Etherpad -

Cuando una "facilitación de produccion de sustancia" es necesaria (al final de la mañana, y por la tarde), tenemos que definir dos facilitadores (como es práctica en el CI) y no uno - este es un criterio general en mi opinon que debe aplicarse a cualquier propuesta de agenda

Esta propuesta de agenda es hacer un balance de los debates hasta ahora
Es que no predefiniendo los 3/5 temas más emergentes de un momento de expression y listado intensivo

Se está tratando de abordar pragmáticamente el reto de hacer lo mejor del tiempo que podriamos pasar juntos, ( vamos a tener esta reunion ? vamos a ampliarla ? considerando la historia da comcom y la diversidad de enfoques individuales y de vocabulario

Comentarios bienvenidos!

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insumo 5  - agenda en castellano

__AGENDA PROPUESTA_______________________


(facilitacion: la hora de
mantener el tiempo, evitar debates y tomar notas)

Un momento para expresar la visión y las expectativas de cada participante (como lo hicimos en México de alguna manera) 3 mn por 20 personas con un conjunto sencillo de preguntas - dicsussion no, pero una lista de los puntos - sería bueno tener las respuestas por escrito antes de la reunión para acelerar y documentar este

  • que es comcom para mí?
  • ¿cuáles son las posibilidades y los deberes vinculados a ser un participante activo en comcom?
  • ¿cómo comcom (puede) operar dentro del proceso del FSM en general, para el progreso de este proceso?
  • ¿cuáles son las nociones que yo uso al responder a los tres primeros puntos
  • ¿cuáles son los 3 temas que quisiera discutir más a fondo
  • ¿cuáles son los puntos de revisión del plan de trabajo ver parte inferior de mesage) para los que me propongo ser la persona expositora(2mn!)


PLAN DE TRABAJO - (facilitación: mantenimiento el tiempo - evitar pingpongi - y tomar notas)

lo que saldrá de recorrer juntos - rápidamente - a través un bien común que es nuestro plan"oficial" de trabajo para la comision recursos en un en tiempo limitado con el tratamiento equitativo de cada punto

list of 25  topics in review   120mn  =  around 5 mn by topic  -with a shorte  pause  


Limitar la exposición a 2 minutos por uno de los participantes, y censar comentarios de los demás, solicitud para más información o discussion, o propuesta de cooperacion - no hay discusión de ping pong - objetivo es tener máxima densidad de expresión

El participante expositor es uno de los facilitadores del proyecto cuando el artículo es un proyecto y es entre persona interesada de los apartados generales (esto ha sido expresado respondiendo las preguntas en la parte I)

Durante este período de revisión conjunta intensiva de documento de examen, el objetivo es poner al día nuestras visiones sobre todos los aspectos de nuestro plan anunciado, hablar de manera basada en lo concreto y no abstractamente, y levantar nuevos temas que queremos discutir más a fondo en la tarde y más allá

los facilitadores toman notas in hojas and in internet Etherpad? y también señalar los insumos en el calendario fsm y reúnen insumos en algunas categorias

  • Insumo relacionadas con la visión de lo que somos y lo que hacemos - terminología - fundamentos - visión - vocabulario - identidad
  • insumos relacionadas con nuestros modos de funcionamiento dentro de la comcom
  • sugerencias concretas de cooperación concreta con los grupos existentes en la dinámica del curso
  • por qué no actuamos como hemos anunciado en el documento? qué se puede hacer?
  • nuevos temas , nuevas iniciativas de Facilitación propuestas
  • insumo relacionado con un evento de la agenda del FSM (tambien en la línea de tiempo hoja de papel en el muro)
  • insumo relacionado con la reunión al día siguiente
  • insumo relacionado con la actualización de prácticas del documento


(facilitacion: dos personas además de tomar notas )

Objetivo: revisar la clasificación de la lista de los temas planteados durante el debate de la mañana y formular/elegir colectivamente 3-5 temas que queremos discutir, si posible de varias categorías arriba, y guardar los otros para discussion al día siguiente, y luego en línea

COMIDA 13h-14h30 !

PARTE 4 - 14h30 - 17h 30 con un tiempo de 30 min de pausa a mediados discutir el pliego de 3 a 5 temas acordados -

(Facilitators: idea: no es la gente que sobre todo plantea el team que faciltata debate)
al final del debate definir las tareas de seguimiento y planificación, que incluyen actualizar el documento

si un tema relacionado con la cultura surge de la discusión será 30mn de la tarde, si no, entonces covefrage del tema de la cultura se 5mn en la parte de revisión 2, punto 3.6

18h00 17h30 pausa

PARTE 5 - PREPARACIÓN 18h00-19H 25 DE reuniones -

(faciltiation: dos personas + tomar notas)

  • Con base en lo que se ha logrado en el día Preparación de la reunión del día siguiente y la sesión de embajadores sifuera el caso
  • necesidad de aclarar con LG de proponer el intercambio de ambasadors en el programa 25a
  • nombrar embajadores

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insumo 6  10

Thanks  your  input 5 summary.

Apart from a small correction to your summary (on the J Agenda, I contributed through several twosome skype discussions in the absence of ComCom colleagues during two scheduled skype-meetings), I fully support tis input 5 proposal, including the dual facilitation.

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insumo 13


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insumo 14


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insumo 15


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