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International Seminar:

The role of social movements and citizens in relation to international mobilizations (G20, Durban, Rio+20)


Dates : May 23rd & 24th

Address : Scout de France

Scouts et Guides de France, 65 rue de la Glacière, 75013 Paris


Métro : Glacière



Working Languages: English and French

For questions, information but also to register, please write to c.sobieniak@crid.asso.fr AND r.monabay@crid.asso.fr


Monday May 23th


09.00 – 09.30: Welcoming of participants

09.30 - 12.00 : Plenary Session – Strategy of the social movements facing the international agenda in relation to the history of the WSF process which create an autonomous space in parallel of the international summits

Open discussion on:

-    Where are we in the movements? : Global pictures of the context and of the situation of the movements

-     questions related to the World Social Forum as a space of convergence

-    Reflection on UN System and the need to reinforce and democratize it as it is marginalized because of the rise of the directories of both the G8 and the G20.

-    This plenary session will be organize by five speakers from the five continents

14.00 – 18.00: 3 parallel sessions


1. WSF and Mobilizations

Which common work on construction of mobilizations: Durban Conference on Racism and Migrations, Durban – COP17, RIO+20, World Alternative Forum on Water


2. The evolution of the social movement in Europe and the process of the European social forum

This seminar carries on with a discussion which took place last autumn in Budapest.


3. G20

- The aim of this working group is to prepare the Tuesday sessions on G20 (overall objective and precisions of the agenda)



 possibly in parallel to comcom meeting  -  Tuesday the 24th


9.00 – 11.30 : 3 working groups which will focus on the G20


1. G20: Overall strategic objective – Show illegitimacy of the G20 and advance our “system change” agenda


2.  Thematic WG (content and possibilities of joint action plans) on Agriculture and Speculation on Food Commodities


3. Thematic WG (content and possibilities of joint action plans) on Financial Regulation (FTT & co)


11.30 – 12h: Short Restitution of the Working Groups




13.30-15h: Plenary session   on G20 Mobilizations

Which objectives in terms of mobilization?

Which common media work?

Public awareness raising?

What People's forum do we want?

Next steps for the collective work process?


15h-17h: Plenary Session: From the G20 in Cannes to Rio+20


The G20 is part of a broader process of mobilizations. Rio + 20 in 2012 will be a keydate. The aim of this session is to share information, to build common strategies and to start raise a common analysis.



17h-18h: General Conclusion