• comcom meeting parisdiscussionitems

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Points to be discussed in comcom after paris

  • Points Coming out of review of document part A1 A2A3 A4 may 24th
  • List together communication processes inside and about WSF
  • Identify communication possibilities which determine political culture and methods
  • Discuss priority in audiences
  • Discuss the form of the process and where and when comcom is active besides events
  • Discuss initiative for Resource collection and display


  • points Coming out of review of document part A5 A6 A7 A8 may 24th
  • Discuss how to better Welcome and inform new members
  • Review working groups and their evolution into facilitation initiatives
  • Review Working tools  - use of openfsm and perspectives
  • Evaluate  cooperation with sao Paulo office  (ambiguity)
  • Clarify Which orgs are comcom members, plus outreach
  • Discuss Criteria for involvement of organizations  in comcom
  • Discuss Proactive ways to build cooperation with IC members ( rabat experience)


Review of points B1 B2 not done

Review of points 1-1 to 4-4 not done yet

Written inputs  after review of document  and filling the table here  can be sent on the comcom list

>>review the document ( version 7 ) >> deadline june 15th - in order to suggest more discussion issues -  to do this  you   fill and send the list of item ready  here 
feel free to ask questions on the list if something is not clear